At the swine flu, there were 2 vaccines of a Baxter, I'm looking for such an impingance. Observed live viruses without any adjuvant. I do not want a tollic fabric with adjuvance, - aluminum connections or other. Is that already in the making? That has ad
Is there a live virus Corona vaccine without adjoyance like Baxter at the swine
Emily Hello Insomnia4u Slave of the time .. Today's person is constantly under pressure .. constantly you have to do something here and there Constantly on rush .. But where remains the rest? People who begin to meditate for the first time quickly - it's
What interprets you in this picture?
I mean why donate so many people for animal species. But forget the children in Africa, Brazil, India, etc. Animals also have feelings similar to me, but animals about little ones Children to put or let a child die because you want to save a small rare m
Why are people, animals more important than hungry children in Africa who die ev
For me this is a mystery! On the one hand, one can derive themselves by physical basic knowledge that free will not exist In determinism, everything builds on each other - without we influenced it. Would the quantum theory (she seems to deny determinism)
Why do so many believe in the free will?
Can one be freely philosophise as a creditor or come through the faith boundaries in philosophy? Can you call the limits at all? Can faith and philosophy hand be hand in hand and complement each other ? Kristin Being of believers, for example, on Christi
Does the faith restrict the philosophise?
Hello and good evening Do you have something for you for you at home, what you would never give away because it has a high emotional value? It can only be done with yes or no Answers, but it would be nice if you could say what that is and what it means f
Survey - What did you have at home what has a high emotional value for you?
I have just read an interesting discussion elsewhere elsewhere and would like to put this question in the room. Currently, except for isolated cases, suicides are reported to prevent counterparts. This is actually an observation confirmed by studies that
Should be reported in the media about suicides?
I have to introduce a party in PGW, namely the SPD, against my will. And working with two girls, against my will. I thought so that I could build it this way: Someone briefly presents the topics that treat the party. (Introduction) Someone presents their
How can I present an election program?
That's just sitting on a reservoir in Sauerland. The photos arose in July 2021. I have already asked myself what they do, but now I ask this question here. What do you think is there? She had no shy, one could go up to 50 cm near. Yvette The dove does no
What makes this dove there?
Somehow everything feels like in a dream. Only unreal. I was alone for a long time and then I have also read a lot to solipism. (So ​​that one is the only person) Now I'm really even more scared. How do I get the sick feeling again and how do I get awa
My life does not feel real?
What are your favorite quotes of well-known philosophers / ethicists etc.?Thone are bfw.: "rich man and poor man stood there and saw 'On. And the arms said bleach: I would not be poor, you would not be rich. " - Bertolt Brecht "The most pleased nature of
Your favorite quote of a philosopher?
What do you mean? Medicine Choose 56% Natural Sciences (Physics, Biology, Chemistry, etc) Choose 20% Jura Choose 8% Humanities (Psychology, Philosophy, etc) Choose 8% BWL Choose 4% Other studies and ... CHOOSE 4% Dave comes entirely to whom you ask. A pe
Which studies enjoy the highest view in the population?
How do you manage to overcome harmful desire forever? Which tricks are there to overcome something like that? Gloria by substitutes and focusing on the essentials. Sandra In most cases you need help. Alone makes it very difficult to be very difficult to
Resist the desire?
I'll start the beginning: I'm not sure the weapons of World War II is held, but in the 4th World War they will fight with sticks and stones. Suzanne "Learning is experience. Everything else is just information." "Problems can never be solved with the sam
Which famous quotes are spontaneously one of Albert Einstein?
I mean somehow meaning in this ecosystem? They are disgusting I just because I'm vegan, that does not mean that I may without exception all the animals. I'm troubled to a nude snow at that time. That was so disgusting. I had to throw away my shoes. Arnol
Why exist nude snails?
Defines your as a human being strong about the professional career or occupation in itself, training paths, attractiveness, age, talents, your (supposed) Character, religion, your environment etc. I'm curious ~ Antonio I define my value based on the thin
What do you define your
Does the West keep the enemy picture "Russia" artificially upright, or why has Russia serving as an enemy picture? Culture, values, etc. Russia and Europe are closer than those of Europe and the Islamic world or from China and South America. Lynette When
Why is Russia an enemy for the West?
How can you explain the psychological and or philosophical that some adult men have the desire for sex with girls and young teens (under 18)? Board There are, in addition to the already mentioned reasons, a very rational cause. Pubertierend producing an
What are they reasons for children's sex?
What options are there your own arrogance to overcome? And stop taking others? Amos First, you have to be able to distinguish arrogance of self-esteem. There are people who do not give you what you want but other well, are the then arrogant or picky. You
Overcome arrogance?
And descending the trees was a mistake? What do you mean? Monkey Life = Horny Life Choose 88% Team Human Choose 12% Ashley We are human beings. And it has the advantages and disadvantages. We are under performance and have literally the responsibility fo
Do you think the people are happier than we humans?