What is my destiny, why am I here? I will ask God I do not know. Otherwise I want to die again. Has an experience with something? Lynne Yes! I found the meaning / determination of my life in a life in / with Jesus. Read time in John or any other book in
How do I experience what my determination is in life?
Hey, Are teachers sad if they are bullied or generally offended by students? Are the sad or interested in it ?? LG Teachers are sad. CHOOSE 69% Other statement / opinion ... Choose 21% Teachers are not sad. CHOOSE 10% Cristina Even a teacher is of course
Are teachers sad when they are bullied?
Hello people, In this text it is not really about me, but I am at a loss and need help. So my sister (ended 13 years old) has not been going to school for 2 days and is most of your time in your room and cries. Even if this is anonymous, I do not like to
What can I do (depression etc.)?
If a guy has a girlfriend, but it does not always have time & he then seeks a "replacement" (for when the girlfriend has no time), with this woman external cuddly (several times) and other women writes, he has Then still feelings for the girlfriend? Yes
He seeks replacement for girlfriend?
It's just school for 3 weeks, but since the beginning of the school after the holidays, I am so exhausted every day. I sit at night at any tasks because I can not concentrate and do not get enough sleep. When I opened out and spent half of the day at sch
No force for school?
Hey, I am now 21 and have already had some women. It was always friendship + half to the whole year but not wanted a relationship. Although everyone has behaved as if feelings in the game have but has only fooled me and then partially tells me if they bo
Women just want sex and no relationship?
Hey :) I've lost almost all my friends in recent months, but most of the most of the different reasons, because I have withdrawn because of my depression. In my class, I only have my best friends, but now in quarantine (14 days). I have a social anxiety
What should I do now?
I feel so bad. And I hurt me so much. And I can not find out of this hole anymore. I have only pain In my heart. And no I really do not want any attention only I see no life more. This hole was opened by this world of hell. I do not want anymore sufferin
Do you sometimes hardly have life hopping?
Health insurance pays CHOOSE 100% self numbers Choose 0% Matthew If there is a medically necessary reason, so a mental illness or disorder has been diagnosed, the health insurance takes over the cost of psychotherapy. Silvia If doctors have finished that
I am mentally very bad, I have to pay my therapy yourself?
I am young, but already sick, will never work, never can never live independently, never have a partner to spend my remaining life in a home, bin autistic, have chronic pain, and suffering from chronic fatigue. And massive psychic problems, so I will alw
Why should I live?
Hey, I am female and 19 years old. I have been a heavy depression for several years and has been very difficult for about 2 weeks. I really want to do something, today I had a knife in the hand. My parents never listen to me so that they do not even know
Can someone listen to me ... :(?
Depression Choose 86% Social Phobia Choose 14% Mona With social phobia you can not get under people. With depression you can not get out of bed, let alone house. Apart from that one often ends a fatal and the other, normally, not. Jane A social phobia ca
With which these two mental illnesses do you have it harder in life?
Hey guys, I'm currently in the waiting loop for another diagnosis. That takes about 10 months. I also suspect that I have a dysthymia, so a chronic depression. And another addiction disease. Should I called where I'm waiting for a place? What should I do
Dysthyme -died - What to do?
Benjamin When suspected of depression, one should first turn to his family doctor. He can check out one first. This is important because to make other illness similar symptoms. Should it be necessary, you can send your family doctor to a psychiatrist or
What can one do depression?
I am already 18 and has always been depressed. I am a person who reluctantly talks about his feelings because I do not want me to see me as naive. Lately, I'm really not feeling well and suicidal thoughts that is not really healthy. I am happy in itself,
had a girl before 1 year ago she wanted something from me. At that time I did not want to be Irgnd as I had broken off. After a few months, I wanted something, I tried everything to have contact again, she did not want to be so nice at that time .. she h
Depression /? For months?
Only those that are in therapy. Leonard You should generally play nothing, otherwise you can stay right away. Kent I can understand why you have this idea, but Gih you as you are and try not to act healthy You should be helped No I do not do it well You
Does her in psychotherapy as if you become healthy?
Kay Mostly things like low self-confidence as well as a bad self-esteem occur. The children are often closed and sometimes stay for a lifetime. Even depression can not be ruled out. Depending on how the childhood was, the hold can be like a trauma, which
Which (late) sequences does it have if a child never receives love from his pare
If someone wants to kill themselves then other people of this person usually say that they should stay alive at any price and so when the person goes very bad and they would rather die. Or worse the person must then be in a closed institution. But what i
Why are people against suicide?
Hey, how can you get Ele. Carsten steel to his school? N friend of mine is extremely bullied, beaten in school, struggled, beaten and his teachers looks loud him zero, a few teachers make even in a certain way. He wants to go to the police. For certain r
Carsten steel to pick school?