Moin, Now no really interesting question But just wants to know what you just hear most. Whether artists, band, genre skin just out Israel I find older songs very well. Bruce Springsteen: Touver Than The Rest / The River Thom Pace: Maybe Sarah The song W
Which song does you like to hear?
Which living person is known from most people in the world? I think Donald Trump, the Pope or Cristiano Ronaldo. What do you mean? Christian Lady Gaga she has been seen from 5 billion people and belongs Beatrice Xi Jinping ANA Greta. Gladys would also ta
Who is the most famous living person in the world?
Hi Who likes the good old Bob Marley? Says :) LG I like very good Choose 75% I generally no reggae choose 13% other opinion Choose 13% I do not like choose 0% Sara In my opinion, he is still one of the best reggae interpreters ever ... and unfortunately
Music - opinion of Bob Marley
Greetings God! I am looking for organ music, with a dramatic and rather sad sound. Best songs of famous composers or interpreters. The epoch is not too important to me. I'm looking forward to numerous answers! : -) Bridget best in the direction of "Adagi
Dramatic and sad organ music?
Hello, does anyone know the song, which is played at the beginning of the first episode of Season 16 of Emergency Rod Tante? The scene in which Franzi and the new colleague "get closer" ..... Violet Angus and Julia Stone - Big Jet Plane All the best for
Song from episode 1, Season 16, Emergency Rod Tante? Very good! Choose 92% cult - but not my music style! Choose 8% very bad! Choose 0% Vickie An uraltongong, which one often does not hear for years. But if then the first chords sound, you know immediately that i
How do you find the song
Moin, wanted to know about you if you may have tips as you can best learn synthetic or sound design for EDM music. Especially for lead sounds, it would be really cool to know how to make the possibly yourself and whether your tips and or pages knows whic
Learn synthesizing, but how?
Hello, I wanted to ask if a Ben Luca Kowal knows and if yes where. He appears on advertising posters in the US and is proposed to me on snapchat everywhere. On Instagram you will find it under benluca.k and on snapchat at benluca.k1. Would be cool if one
Who is Ben-Luca Kowal?
Yes Choose 100% No Choose 0% Conrad I have been Metallica Fan since the 80's. ❤ One of the best metal bands for me. Nothing Else Matters is a great song. But - he was at the time a tick too commercial. But no one has to understand that. ☺ But I find th
Did you like
How do you find it? Personally, I've heard this song for the first time at 7 years when I was on the way to Denmark. Now I am 13 and I still like this song. It awakens so many memories. Yes Choose 84% No Choose
Do you like this song?
Not that you hear in you special e.g. recorded No Choose 59% Yes Choose 41% Marlene How to take it. Lovely does not sound. But like that, as canceled with their face, I could prevent escalations in my voice (and my appearance) in conflict situations (on
Do you like your voice?
Mine is from Survivor - Eye of the Tiger Teresa Chair Warriors - Wolfpack
What is your favorite song right now?
Is it forbidden in Islam when headscarf-carrying Muslim women get good mood through conversations before marriage with foreign men (eg by flirting)? Is there any evidence, or notes from the Koran and or the Hadith ? Jeanne No, to have a good mood is not
Is in Islam good mood Haram?
Hey, How do you find the and knows if that are good? Cost 200. Before I had so 60 euros parts you think I will remember a big difference? Michele Hello, I definitely recommend to the next specialist market (Media Markt, Saturn, or what you want to have o
How do you find these headphones?
Hey guys, I have been trying to find the name of this song for hours, but without success. I tried everything (Shazam, other apps, forums) and just do not find him. Does it mean one? The link to the video is If you do not
I'm looking for the song name?
Which genre is preferred? Rap Choose 36% Rock Choose 21% 70s / 80s / 90s Choose 21% Pop Choose 14% Electronic Choose 7% Hard Rock Choose 0% R & B Choose 0% SEAN "70s / 80s / 90s" ? A period is hardly a genre ... gives up rock from the 80s, and rock from
Favorite music?
Hey! I'm looking for an older song all the time. Maybe from 2000s (!?) I have the melody in the head where the whole time will be sung like MHHHH WAP WAP WAP MHHHH WAP WAP WAP. I believe voice is female. Does anyone know what that could be? Troy That sou
Does anyone know the song? MHHH WAP WAP MHHH WAP WAP?
In May 2019, Rezo has uploaded "the destruction of the CDU" on YouTube and thus quite a bit filled in politics. Now he has published another "destruction" video this month (August 2021). Some call this video also "The Destruction of the CDU 2.0". What do
How do you find the new
Mozart (Magic Flute, Figaro, Don Giovanni) Choose 45% Other choose 45% Verdi (La Traviata, AIDA, Rigoletto) Choose 9% Wagner (The ring of the Nibelungen, Tristan and Isolde) Choose 0% r. Strauss (Rosenkavalier, Salome) Choose 0% Puccini (Tosca, Madama Bu
Whose operas can you find the most beautiful? Make all about a year and try to improve :) Gerard I always think it's great when people produce music, so on! Verb. Proposal 1: Begin the Beat earlier, the Musical introduction is too long - route the song is
How do you find my new beat (possibility of improvement possibly)?