Beer Nix Choose 75% 0.2 Choose 8% 1 liter choose 8% More than 2 liters of choose 4% Comes on Choose 4% 0.5 CHOOSE 0% 1-2 liters Choose 0% Rebecca Daily not at all, rather twice a week half a liter Irvin Do not drink alcohol daily. Quite rarely a cola bee
How many liters per day does your beer
4 people go to the Greek food. It is the first time after almost 1.5 years. A 2-hour meeting in the course of which was drunk: person 1 + 2 drank each 2x 400 ml Pils Person 3 drank 2x 200 ml Pils person 4 drank 2x 200 ml of aperic spray and 200 ml of ros
Is there an exaggerated alcohol consumption?
Tobacco, snuff and cigars a warning is on it. But why not with alcohol? Why are cigarillos without hazard images and cigarettes with danger images? Suzanne You can also get addicted to coffee or sugarware and many other products! Should one now make of d
Why is no warning on the alcohol?
No matter where and when, everywhere you hear from 11 -14 year olds who talk about alcohol, smoking and drugs, etc ... they even take it at this young years. Why is it talking about it with such a young age? I find it somehow not normal - everyone will b
Why do so many at 11 - 14 years talk about alcohol, smoking, drugs ...?
Hey, in my area sometimes meet up to 2000 people at the weekend (of course depends on the weather and Corona) to take party and drink. Several times the police and a paramedics had to intervene because it is tied in such a way. Of these events, I do not
Am I a
Alberto Alcohol withdrawal: stationary or outpatient? Alcohol withdrawal can expire outpatient or stationary. A stationary withdrawal is necessary if the mental or physical constitution or the social environment does not allow an outpatient withdrawal -
Is it useful to make a cold withdrawal if you have drank 4-6 beer daily for seve
? Always also push deprise until you post one of these activities on Snap / Insta ... AB Since you feel superior / fulfilled. At least that's how it happens. Why is that? Cedric ... Some need that at the age ... why not..Ervats..auf times have been drunk,
Why do adolescents at the age of 16-20 think that the day is fulfilled until you
Last zwich goes my (I'm a girl and 15) life felt only down the stream. I am now almost Heden day outside, drink, smoke strong and take relatively often drugs. I do not know that for me and remember that now. Generally, I have fun fun, but so often it is
Find new friends with whom I can talk?
I was at a party yesterday and have seen how 2 guys have pulled a girl into the bushes that did not work completely with senses. I jumped and have asked you to let go of it, whereupon you said you should blame yourself if she is running out. At some poin
Justifies alcohol really harassment?
Hello I had M / 16 yesterday the first time in my life a few Vodka Lemon drank, and was a bit drunk. Is that bad I will not grow anymore, or do I get other health problems? Marion Once it certainly does not hurt. But that should not be a habit. Lindsey A
Drunk a lot a lot?
So after each drop, it says brain cells, but then I read somewhere somewhere that it is not true, but only if you regularly drink a lot of long-term damage What exactly is exactly right now? Elena Alcohol is a cell venom, but of course it depends on the
What accounts for the alcohol with the brain?
85% of my class and smoke Shisha, I think it's not so good but a buddy of me that he had said that he would never make it now makes it now and brings as arguments like "that's just fun ". How is you and is it harmful? (We are 14-15) I find shit choose 73
Avail and Shisha at school?
I am alcoholics according to my friends ... have now constantly heard it was very bad and you have to treat yourself immediately. Is it really that bad and I absolutely have to be in therapy ...? Claire Hello! You do not have to do anything. But if you h
Do I have to therapy as an alcoholic?
We are just on vacation and share us at 6th a house, I share the room with my best friend. We were still on the way yesterday, and I was really drunk. Normally, I do not drink or just a little, yesterday I have it exaggerated. Anyway, she brought me home
Pajama dressed?
The dark bottles protect the beer from solar radiation. Why is Heineken or Warsteiner on green glasses? Martin The beer bottle paint also affects the content. The choice usually falls on the brown bottle. And with good reason. The darker color serves to
Why are not all beer bottles dark?
Yesterday we were drinking with some people on the lake and I talked to a girl and she said she would rummage with me but she has a relationship with a girl (also Bi) you mean when we go again today and me Ask for Nem 3er that would be OK? Carmen So 3 Se
Bi girl drunk after 3s?
I drank Vodka Energy on Saturday and yesterday a V + Energy. Can I drink Vodka Energy without concerns today? I have VOLLIDOT just depression and heart pain because I looked at old pictures that I should not have because she hurt me .... IRA Hello and Go
Three days ago (Saturday) I drank alcohol. Can I do it again without concerns?
I do not understand why it is called anonymous alcoholics. If you meet, nobody is anonymous Carroll You are not enough for your identity card. It is only available with the first name and there are no official lists. Omar Do not mean that the anonymity i
To whom are anonymous alcoholic anonymous?
Would do everything to help her / him Choose 79% would put an ultimatum and you / it otherwise leaves Choose 21% Chelsea I would do everything to keep her or him. I would never stop try it. Until the bitter end forever together. Bonnie If I really love s
What would you do if your friend / your friend were alcoholic?