I turned a few days 19 and love a girl is 16. Since I do not want to do anything wrong, I wanted to ask if something is ok or the age is too big. Marvin Hello Anamontana! completely normal and often not bad Have a nice evening Nathan Bad in Two relations
Boy 19, girl 16 in a relationship bad or oke?
What is your opinion?! Taylor Honesty is usually accepted. Only the kind as it is said is not necessarily. A friend of mine always tells her opinion on a very respectful, polite and constructive way. In the end, the opposite is always accepted, even if i
Why is honesty challenged by many and then not accepted?
Hey I met this boy at work. He started flirting bit to flirt. But we did jokes. What I found OK. He was stopping Bissel Touchey, which I found OK. And has just made compliments, (so that I am pretty and have a good figure) but just charming. And somethin
A handsome man has flirted with, can not take it seriously?
I'm single. I will find next month 30 and the kinship constantly ask for children + girlfriend. I sometimes annoyed it. I am fine. I have a job and good friends. I really do not really do not really desire for a woman. Lucas I understand! I will also be
What do you answer best?
We kissed and then had a normal contact. Then he blocked me without saying anything. Today he unblocked me and said he would have more interested in others, but then noted that it was a mistake to block me and that he is interested again and wants to con
Would you continue interested in someone who have Ghosted?
Erica Hello honey cake LO! This is completely fine and there are not a few happy couples in which that is the same is actually just a problem if that with a couple internal a problem I wish you a nice Sunday Nancy Of course - true size (a man) does not m
Is it okay for you, if the man is smaller than the woman with a relationship?
Hello my boss just asks what's going on. With me, hardly working normally. Make many mistakes. I have just a separation behind me. I hardly like something else. The boss asked me because I was always so happy. Should I tell him what happened? He's right,
Chef asks me something going on, what happened to my friend?
I can understand women in women. I just do not look why gays are not looking for women. There is something like praise, genes. Never look at it. Thank you. LG Flora Because you want to go out of yourself and close your feelings and views to others. This
Why are not gays on women?
* If you have a partner * Lucia My best friend got me a nice young woman in the summer of 2012, which was new to the city and still no one knew - this year we got married: -) My two former girlfriends I met at the school (Realschule and Vocational School
Where did you get to know your partner?
Have a date tomorrow, but what if you somehow have nothing to say. What would you do in such a situation? Eric If I had nothing to say, everything was discussed and I started with the "handicaries"; -) Seriously: You still have enough time to get you Alt
First date - no conversation topic?
I'm 24 and have no luck in love. But I do not want any girlfriend, but really a woman who is fully in love with me. Is there anything else at all. I see most girls and I do not like them. I just want a woman for whole life, one knows me well. How do you
I would like to find true love?
Hello, I started a few days ago with my education ago and she is close to my friend's education, which is why we meet every break. An old girlfriend from him from school happened to start her education in the same company. My first impression of her was
Normal or do I imagine it?
How can workers in the unsecured position come clear? Kathryn . LANA Unsecured work If the work is not safe enough, so threatens to fall away Willie not really
Questions about gainful?
Hector There are some. Here are a few of my favorites: bed, shower, tub, park, cinema, sauna, forest, garden, lake, beach, train, plane Francis The bed. Is most comfortable, you can best relax and many positions are possible. Maggie There are some places
Which place is your opinion the most ideal for good sex?
Is not about me, but sometimes pure hypothetical: Is it morally reprehensible, a woman only with the clear intention to have data to have one day with her sex and nothing else with her Doing? Does it also go to collect sexual experiences at all and to pr
Is this morally reprehensible?
... if there is great sympathy to this person? Or do not you want to hear something? Would I bother me and would say that choose 50% That depends on it. CHOOSE 30% Would I enjoy choose 20% Bessie If I am in the middle of the processing phase after a sepa
If you get in the middle of the lovesick after a separation a declaration of lov
There are types that signal a non-verbal you are interested and when you go on that, you suddenly have no more. Armando may be that you have misinterpreted something. Or that he is too shy to flirt active with you. I can not know this. Who sends to weak
How to check on the body language, whether a type is interested or not?
Bin 13 And I'm full of Bock on sex and standing on a belief so 34 year old in our hotel (I'm grade Greece with family) but what should I do that's legal Can I sex? may No does not go CHOOSE 95% Yes Choose 5% Ethel OK only dream I too young Luz It would b
With 13 years a 34 year data? And sex?
My best friend is very pretty, whatever effects, if you get to know someone's new but steps to get in touch with her. It is also intelligent and well educated. I'm wondering why she is not turned on or why so few interest. Alma Hey, We can not tell you t
Why is my best friend single and is not courted although she is very pretty?
Hello, I had my first kiss with tongue today and after some time it was also pretty "wild" to the point (Hahaha) He has stopped me on it and Has slowly pushed a hand continued under my pants (to my po yk?). And then he stopped Iwie starting to move so fo
While the first time rummages will be intimate?