I am very interested in that topic faith and religions of old cultures and peoples. Which god of antiquity is your opinion the interesting or what faith is the excited. And please not call Jesus, Yahweh, Allah or Hinduism. LG Ivan Young boy. I just asked
Who is your opinion according to the most instructured God or goddess?
I think it's just making a mind that God exists. That's why I wanted to know about you, why you think he exists Sarah Apart from that I do not believe in any personalized entity that one calls God or Allha or otherwise. Nevertheless, would be for the exi
Why does she believe in a God?
Is it possible to contact deceased by means of a medium? Carrie can succeed if one and alone on the God frequencies is 1 to 5 megahertz. But always goes wrong if a co-wesentender does not vibrate at the same frequency. Johnny Impossible I say Tell yourse
Is it possible to contact the deceased?
Since the death of my grandfather, I still sustaine, I often think about the existence of eternal life after death. My grandfather was believer (Catholic). What do you think there is God at all and a world after death? And does the way over Jesus lead to
Does the way over Jesus really lead to God?
The church has just allowed himself much too many scandals in the last few years and alienates Totally what they should be. And I do not see it a tax to pay that a church gets already enough money, and in the past children raped, people erupted, burned w
Why do nothing with church have to do?
There is probably hardly a professional group she is so hated as missionaries, specific Christian missionaries. In many countries, the risk is also great that it is either the prison, attacked, is killed, or executed. Can it be that people have a problem
Why are missionaries hated?
Allison pray. and do everything to the glory of God - because then your whole life is for prayer. Prayer is the door opener to a mental room One is with God, no matter where and when. The spirit of mind is the first answer of the mind and he also talks t
How can I strengthen my relationship with God?
When God would seem humanity and it would be cruel. people would demand sacrifices, sadistic and unconditional obedience would have wanted to follow? His pressure medium would be hell and the worst torments that there are No because Choose 78% Yes. Never
When God reveals himself to man, would they follow him unconditionally?
Can one be freely philosophise as a creditor or come through the faith boundaries in philosophy? Can you call the limits at all? Can faith and philosophy hand be hand in hand and complement each other ? Kristin Being of believers, for example, on Christi
Does the faith restrict the philosophise?
It is Christianity I myself am believed but I know that the world was not created by God and everything is like it in the Bible and saves your "that's also Only theories "because they are definitely more plausible and more believable than the biblical ge
Do believers believe all that stands in the Bible and to a real god in heaven?
Maryann Faith is the only true Christ who ever existed. Eim's right man. Who stands to himself and his values. Faith Look the movie right again. For the 3rd time.
What do you think of this soldier (Desmond Doss)?
Rodolfo character. You lack what God means. God is the energy of truth, justice = love / agape. You have to give it and it will be. By only wanting to desire, use others, you will not get anything yourself. Because it remains those who gave it. Jerry Are
Why are godless aggressive?
For me, this is such a kind of mental disruption that has developed that I need a lot of attention. Has something to do with my past. That's why I have sexual intercourse (sometimes even for money) & style me always completely on getting compliments and
There is a sin I can not stop and take bus?
If I see such flat servers on the Internet that deny the round shape of the earth, I always ask myself what is really behind it. Honestly, I doubt that most of those really believe in it. I faithfully believe you just want to stilt unrest and provoke peo
Flat earth trolls - what do you really want?
Hello my dears, Very many Muslims say at school that when you leave Islam and choose another religion, then you will come to hell. Personally, I believe Net to God and faith net that you come to hell when you leave Islam. I just wanted to know your opini
Is that true?
Hello, the ideas of that happened to people after they have died are really very different in different cultures. Therefore, I would be very interested in what you believe what happened to us after death! Christie What do you mean to get us after death?
What do you mean to us after death?
There must be a God, because as usual, the big bang took place, our universe is so superfin set that a pencil stands on 10 high razor blades. So unlikely is the structure of the universe Rochelle No, The construction of the universe is so that we can liv
Why do you think there is no God?
That's what happens after death is better than life. Bridget My opinion is that God is a concept / construct of people, but may be of any other opinion. Therefore, after death, nothing comes, in my opinion. ---- Better You take care of your salvation in
I hope at least?
Have you ever made experiences with spirits? Melanie Hello Biglia1908, Well, I believe that there is a lot between heaven and earth, which we can not really explain. I believe that the souls are deceased among us. As far as that concerns, I have already
Do you think of ghosts?
Believe religious -The Evolution -The Biology -The Physics General Science? If you are religious yourself, can you justify why you do not believe in science? Bradley Believers do not believe in evolution because ... Scientists believe that everything con
Do not believe religious about science?