Hello! I have been driving instructor for 14 years and so far I stayed - different, like my male colleagues - spared by loversed driving students always. Recently I got a letter in which a former student admits romantic feelings for me. I'm totally perpl
Storage student in love with me?
So what's the difference How do you recognize it and the most important when you swarm for girls (not in love with them, but swarms), but for boys do not feel anything then lesbian? other choose 60 % No is not choose 40% Yes One is lesbian choose 0% Cand
What is the difference between a rapture and be in love?
How did you realize that you have fallen in love. Nix clichelant, would like to know how it was like everyone. I do not know if I am ... and would "compare," I have my answer?! In it I fell in love with my ex-class colleagues last year in my ex-class col
How does it feel in love?
Hello. I got to know girl. Know for 1 week, we are both 14 she is 5 months older. If I hear your voice, I feel comfortable and get a tingling in the stomach. I may want to meet you soon, but I'm rather shy and are afraid that she baskets me .. Do you hav
Think I fell in love?
Hey guys: / I urgently need help, I'm in love for the first time ... It's such a funny feeling that but also sooo beautiful ... I've never felt like that it's just wonderful. Since then, I have just think of you even in the lessons without fun, I can not
F for the first time in love?
My friend 28 His biggest hobby car tuning he also spends most of the time. I have the same hobby. He said he wants to marry me but now it is still too early because he wants to get his cars finished. If I respond to him or others he annoyed and says we c
Should I doubt our relationship, he is tire for his age?
Hello I wrote a girl that I'm on her and she did not answer fifth days, then I wrote her that she should answer, so that I can sleep at least quietly . And she wrote that she sees me only as a friend. When I called them out then, she has recalled them di
Is it really over?
Butterflies in the stomach, excitement, multiple dates, you get closer ... When do you realize that you are not only in love with the other, but that it is love? Lana You know that sometime by yourself. As a rule, that already takes about 1 year. After 4
When does one realize that in love goes over in love?
Is it normal before the 1 time sex, "I love you" to say? Yes Choose 100% No Choose 0% Alfred It is normal to say if you actually feel and is safe. Otherwise you should just keep the flap and do not use this emotion description to achieve a goal For examp
I love you say sex?
Bin m / 16 (soon 17) and regrouped me in many girls. Since I was 12, I have automatically fell in love with the love too early. Where I fell in love, I had such a "happy intoxication" and had red bakons and then I was depressed at the bed at home and wit
I regret it in love more often, what can I do?
In I've old old and in my life I was gripped 4 times seriously. And then there was a girl that the feelings were completely in the shadows for everyone else. We went together to the high school and from the 10th class we had some courses together. Throug
No never in love so much before?
I have the feeling that I will not be liked by people. I can not explain that, but I often find myself again in the situation in which I am the one who is most likely to be overlooked in a group who is overlooked over which is even mockier , I can not ex
I do not like help?
Hello, I am 16 years and was just never really in love. I had the feeling that I really like a person really like and I want to spend time with her and everything, but mostly only max. 2 days! I really had a totally desire for a relationship but I just c
I have never fallen in love?
Hi, I have just read my old chats on WhatsApp, and then I also read the one with a particular person ... She has written me almost 2 years ago but I have her (in my opinion) not enough attention, so she did not write after a time. Last year, she suddenly
Was she falling in love with me?
So the question should not be wrong now. Sure, that would not go sooo just. If someone would now smile now, I would find it completely strange, as maybe a bit weird, uncomfortable ... But I mean, if you (the girl) Z.B goes to your school. But you have no
To the boys: Can you fall in love with a girl just because they smiled at you?
Hello, I'm 14m. My best colleague (she is 16 and had already with and without foreskin sex) I said I should quit me. You would never have again with a young sex A foreskin has. She finds the foreskin at young disgusting and unnecessary. She said. And she
Circulated or uncircumcided or does not matter?
At what age? Kevin So the first time in kindergarten, but that was really nothing and it was really lost I think the first time correctly, with 12/13 LG and a nice day Ralph 17 was due to reciprocity, but should not be * C'est La Vie Chris in primary sch
When was her fell in love with the first time?
Hey you :) Today the 1st day of school has been because we had 6 weeks vacation. We got a new student, a boy. Andzwar I wanted to ask you how it comes over to you, if he is on me, wants to be nice or what I know. The new one Boy from my class often looks
Guys and girls, what do you think about it and how are you?
Hey, I had a date with a girl a girl who was really doing very well a few days ago. We had previously written some time and understood us great. Now that was the almost our second date, the first was spontaneous and by chance, but then we met again. Ever
How to continue with her ...?
I've fallen in love with a person for a long time, which I unfortunately rarely see until never .. Nevertheless, she is not out of my head and you make up a lot. However, if I meet this person, I can suddenly talk to him totally normal and untouched. Wit
Why am I only in love in my mind?