At the swine flu, there were 2 vaccines of a Baxter, I'm looking for such an impingance. Observed live viruses without any adjuvant. I do not want a tollic fabric with adjuvance, - aluminum connections or other. Is that already in the making? That has ad
Is there a live virus Corona vaccine without adjoyance like Baxter at the swine
The chances of becoming Olaf Scholz (SPD) Chancellor are good. Karl Laudutbach (SPD) has already said in an interview that he would have interest to become a health minister. However, it is also unpopular with many, is often referred to and criticized as
Survey: Is the mask obligation abolished when Karl Lauderbach becomes a health m
Bin 13 Leland Smoking is more dangerous than the vaccine, which increases the risk of severe history. KIM 1. Smoking does not increase the risk of side effects in vaccination 2. However, smoking very well increases the risk of a serious course of infecti
Is it colorful when I vaccinate though I smoke?
I am vaccinated or recovered: yes Choose 65% I am vaccinated or recovered: no choose 18% I'm unvoved: no choose 15% I'm unvoved: Yes Choose 3% Susie I only worried that stupidity does not know any boundaries. The vaccine only helps with the safety distan
The pandemic is currently becoming a pandemic of uncovered. Are you concerned?
The most famous virologist Germany. He often was right with his predictions. Gladly with justification. I find him good choose 55% I find
What do you think about Christian?
From reaching an incidence of 35 in NRW, the so-called 3-G rule: inner gastronomy, hotels, hairdressers, etc. may only be used when the customers are vaccinated, recovered or tested. I am vaccinated and ask me: How is that controlled? Do I have to show m
Corona: How is the 3G rule controlled?
I need some proof that I'm recovering. However, my father was positive and so we all had to finally have to make a test in quarantine as a family, but we had a positive, but we had nothing to digital there or but only positive on it and no date, etc. Hel
Corona presence proof How to get?
Twice inoculated choose 54% First of all, choose is 17% Let me vacate choose 15% Booster vaccine Choose 6% The whole thing is on the biscuit choose 6% once vaccinated choose 2% Cross vaccinated choose 0% Nicholas Only so I have the best possible vaccinat
Which Covid-19 vaccination variant is / was important to you?
For about 6 weeks I am in a therapy. But my therapist does not wear a mask. We sit 3 meters apart. But do therapists have any exception? It's important to me that she wears a mask, but it's extremely unpleasant to say that ... Rufus Hello, If it is unple
Psychotherapist does not wear a mask what to do?
I do not believe there is no good reason to vaccinate So with this question I mean whether it is not for healthy normal people's good reason not to vaccinate and no children or people who need to take many medications or are allergic thereto or are pregn
Has anyone have good reasons not to vaccinate against Corona?
Gladys The same as people who vaccinate. You have made your decision with the information you had, due to the fears you had etc. pp. If everyone wants to do it, how he considers it right. Could people generally not vaccinate people who are the highest Ha
What do you think of people who do not want to vaccinate against Corona?
Kirk not PCR! Julian Comes on the nasal size. If you have a small, fine nose ... are 5-10 mm i.o. , That does not hurt. They just want to bring only pairs of samples from the nasal mucosal.
How far is the test bodders in the general test put in the nose?
Denmark will end all corona measures on September 11th. A role model for Germany? No, that is too dangerous. Choose 58% Yes, that's a good idea. CHOOSE 43% Terry Maybe you should first be patient before the euphoric outbreak and wait for the consequences
End of Corona Measures: Denmark as a role model?
Someone from my relatives has received a vaccination damage by Johnson & Johnson. I'm already vaccinated with another vaccine. Angry makes me that in the warning of Johnson & Johnson only stands that this vaccination damage has a probability only from 0.
Pilot damage through the vaccine from Johnson & Johnson?
How would you find a 3G rule so without corona vaccination or coronatest no right to eat and drink? Good or bad? It was initially discarded the idea but that can change in the future again.
3g rule in supermarkets?
Sandra No. But the more you turn, the more mutations there will be Luke You need as far as I do not know Leonard The effectiveness is and became tested
Have the vaccines been adapted to the delta variant?
In my school, only unvaccinated students have to be tested and since the 30.8 vaccinated students are not allowed to do a coronate test, because according to the headmaster that is a waste of money, as vaccinated clearly relocated corona and when this co
May vaccinated test?
Saturday, 28.08.2021, 09:58 The risk of hospitalization is at an infection with the Delta variant of the coronavirus according to a study probably about twice the High as with the alpha variant. Delta: infected land 2.26 times more often in the hospital
Delta (COVID-19) is not only infectious, but also leads twice as often to severe
I'm more concerned with mathematics than the politicization of Corona, but I've had the following thoughts: The Bavarian incidence among the vaccases is currently 9.2 (from 100,000) Among the uncovered at 110.5. Of 1000 vaccinated, 999,908 were core heal
Do the incidence figures manipulate us or have mistakes in my calculations?
Who has read the news knows that Hamburg now requires vaccination if you want to go shopping there in the supermarket. So this has nothing more with indirectly accessible but is directly because you need food and the older people have no idea of ​​the
Why is there a vaccination obligation now?