I had M16 had written in my last question that my girlfriend W17 wants a threesome. We also had him, since I wanted to fulfill my friend. However, the other young M15 had a bigger penis than me. Now I'm scared that my girlfriend finds him horny than me.
Other boy at threesome had bigger?
Male - Short Choose 38% Female - Medium-length, long choose 31% Male - Middle length, long choose 23% Female - long choose 8% Gilberto I have been briefly wearing my hair for almost 7 years. During the Lockdown in the early days of the pandemic my hair w
Survey: Do you have a short or long hair?
W / 17 For some weeks I feel very attracted to my school by a classmate. I find them very attractive and would like to get to know them better (none of my girlfriends). Generally, I was able to introduce myself for a long time with other girls (just neve
BI at school and how do I start my feelings?
I'm W17 now have a lot of courses in the new school years alone where I have no seatbank or can not talk to that and then I'm always boring and I'm totally Horny and get any fantasies. Often also with people who are also in the course and I know from my
What to do against Horny at school?
Betty Yes, he should take at least always when showering to wash there, so it does not smell;) Gretchen Yes, that's for Regular body care indispensable, otherwise unpleasant and sometimes not very harmless infections threaten. Angelo Every day to be able
Should a boy withdraw his foreskin regularly and if so, how often?
I'm 14 (almost 15) years old, I have a high voice but sometimes when I talk to I have voice cracks with a differently deep voice (especially when I talk a louder) and these voice cracks have been more and more often at my voice, me is very embarrassing b
Is the voice break?
Not that you hear in you special e.g. recorded No Choose 59% Yes Choose 41% Marlene How to take it. Lovely does not sound. But like that, as canceled with their face, I could prevent escalations in my voice (and my appearance) in conflict situations (on
Do you like your voice?
Hi I'm M16. The question is really unpleasant but I just make them. So my sister W14 almost 15 runs often at home in the bra. This sometimes I get a stiff. Do not really want it but it just happens. Am I now weird or is it normal that that happens? Ignac
Get stand because of my sister?
Very good Choose 44% Neutral Choose 25% Other response [...] CHOOSE 19% Shit choose 11% Terry Find me very well, I am a mixture of everything. My friends say I'm 90% baby (toddler) but not so annoying but cute and cool. And I still have such a strong cha
How do you find your own character?
11-12 CHOOSE 73% 12-13 CHOOSE 27% 13-14 CHOOSE 0% Damon most probably at age. The puberty begins where the first physical developments show. These are mostly armpit and pubic hair. Girls also breast growth. The period comes in girls later a while later.
When is you in puberty?
Hello, I have M 13 Normal mastubiruses Extremely boring because I want to try it with anal satisfaction What I have to pay attention to everything and I have to prepare myself somehow on it or should I rather leave it in old age and I'll get it that way
Satisfying anal?
Do you know something that I can bring a new wind through my masturbation? Donald Well with you girl plays most of the clit. So you could stimulate your clit in the shower with the shower head or rub yourself on a pillow or a ceiling (keyword pillow ridi
Variations in masturbation?
I can get a down relatively rarely (see my other questions). But if then comes relatively much I find. What comes first is white but then it is transparent. What is the transparent? Gwen I think that's very normal. For me z.B comes in the beginning trans
Is all sperm?
How does it feel about breasts and a VA * INA? Janice Joa no idea. How does it feel about a penis and testicles? I can say so if you have breasts and that's slightly larger, then it is uncomfortable at the race without a bra mega. He is also very soft. V
How does it feel?
Hello :), I was on such a youth event and there we sat there all in a circle with a caregiver. We talked about hobbies and passions and how important it was to have something like that, so something that fills us so completely. Then everyone should tell
Do you have a passion or a hobby?
Hi, how do I react M / 13 if my mom / dad or sister caught me at Wi * Hsen (I have never caught) June Hello, I have never been caught, but I would probably get proper panic. Although, if my dad would be, it is not So bad, because he did that guaranteed t
How do I react?
Hi I'm M16 and my sister W14 caught me masturbating me this morning and has seen my best piece too. Now my question should I address you so ask if it was bad for you and so or rather leave it? Simon Let it be based on or talk to it with a wink and tell h
Sister caught me in masturbating?
I feel so funny since puberty started right. So since me hair with the legs, the intimate area and this beard grows on the face. I just hate you so much. My sex organ. Not because "he" is not long enough or something like that. That itches me a Sch ** SS
I hate my body ... What's going on?
Hi guys! How can it be that my little brother has bigger, stronger and a larger penis. He always annoys me massive and believe my girlfriend had something with him. Everett This is a mood of nature Jasmine seems to have a really stable relationship if it
Why little brother bigger and better stocked?
Hello I am M15 nearly 16 and have the following problem ... I mastubiere relatively often and I am annoyed by wiping with handkerchiefs, as they have to stick and lying in mass parad ... Where are the stuff packed? LG Joshua I always syringe into the wor
Where to put it?