Hey! I'm looking for an older song all the time. Maybe from 2000s (!?) I have the melody in the head where the whole time will be sung like MHHHH WAP WAP WAP MHHHH WAP WAP WAP. I believe voice is female. Does anyone know what that could be? Troy That sou
Does anyone know the song? MHHH WAP WAP MHHH WAP WAP?
If I'm sad or someone what told me and then go to my friend, he always cuddles me is normal. But sometimes he pulls his top so that he is upper body freely and takes me into his arm or pulls his pants, or pushes me against his step. I do not mind sweetly
Why does my friend always pull out when I'm sad?
I do not necessarily need a detailed answer. I want to hear many different opinions So please write what you think personally. Of course, more extensive answers are also welcome. Arturo Real friendship shows itself after it has been poorly to one itself.
What is real friendship?
Yes, is better than extremely warm choose 60% No, missing the summer choose 40% Darlene Simply perfect weather not too warm not too cold love eibfach sweater weather Wilbert I have to say I find it better, especially when sleeping. But sometimes it is to
Do you like the weather at the moment?
Which Capri Sun is your favorite? Eunice I know Capri Sun only as a cherry or orange of earlier, but both do not specifically taste the candy Nichole Capri Sun Orange .... of Classic Daryl ... It's called Capri Sun Kristen My favorite Capri Sun is defini
Favorite Capri Sun?
BSP is afraid of something, or that is a hurdle for a self. Can everything can be, for example, just fear to go out because you only sashed for several months fear of a date? Fear of first training in a new club Fear of a debtury Fear to go to school bec
What should one do if you're afraid of something?
Imagine you, you feel a scene converter (e.g., Woodwalker or Seawalker). Which animal would you like to have a secondary figure? It would be nice if you would add the more accurate kind, eg: bird - eagle, or: fish - Tigerhai bird choose 27% Other Answer
Which animal would you prefer to be?
Example Person = Man What does that mean when a person does not want to find a solution in a dispute, no longer talks about a dispute, no longer talks even if you talk something asks and if you can do it fresh after the dispute the person to bring to tal
What does that mean .?
Horses are scary and deadly. I was on a big horse couple on the horses like the mads in the circle are galloped. So I have entered the paddock, they came very fast and very curious approached to me. Luckily I was neither dead torrents nor dead-bitten. Ho
How many people die in Germany in Germany through a horse attack?
So if I just like what you like? No Choose 59% Yes Choose 41% Carrie A woman who puts a lot of work into her body does not necessarily have to be arrogant. Clearly at first, it can work, but arrogance is a characteristic that does not necessarily have to
Are such women arrogant?
Hello :), I was on such a youth event and there we sat there all in a circle with a caregiver. We talked about hobbies and passions and how important it was to have something like that, so something that fills us so completely. Then everyone should tell
Do you have a passion or a hobby?
Because I always think what if .. I do too many thoughts .. * Why should it fit? What if It does not fit? What if he leaves me later and only at the moment everything looks so nice with us? What if I dare to hire your own apartment because I have the mot
I just can not lead any relationship?
2G in Hamburg Senate decides only for vaccinated and geneses. https://www.t-online.de/region/hamburg/news/id_90675006/ 2G rule-Hamburg-decides-as-first-offer-only-for-vaccated-and-genese.html I think that's good and right! Choose 52% I think that's impos
Hamburg adopts offers only for vaccinated and geneses? What is your opinion?
So far we were always slaves from our trash can. Paper and plastic does not bother any but the biomll forces us to regularly bring the trash. Biomll catches up after a while :-(. My solution now! A freezer with chilled trashbin. Now you have to go down o
Business idea: freezer with chilled trash can?
Of all the characteristics my husband should have a choose 60% neither choose 20% a polite and respectful man choose 7% a compassionate man choose 7 % A man who knows what he wants Choose 7% a brave man choose 0% a tender and gentle man choose 0% Bridget
(To the girls) What kind of man do you want you?
Hi, Do you have rabbits and if so, How many? Which breed ? Since when? Whatever names? Thank you !!! LG Dalia Yes Choose 40% No Choose 40% But I now had no choose 20% I like rabbits not choose 0% Meghan I have now had Minnie and Mickey now for just over
Do you have rabbits and if so, which breed?
Hello, I have a problem that is really annoying me right now. I do not feel love. Not to my parents, my sister and not to my friend. I do not love friends, I see that somehow everything always very pragmatic. Of course it's people who are important to me
I do not feel love, how do I change that?
? Always also push deprise until you post one of these activities on Snap / Insta ... AB Since you feel superior / fulfilled. At least that's how it happens. Why is that? Cedric ... Some need that at the age ... why not..Ervats..auf times have been drunk,
Why do adolescents at the age of 16-20 think that the day is fulfilled until you
Which age range would you give the films? Johnny 12, 12, 12, 12, 12, 12, 12, 12, 12, 12, 12, 12, 12, 12, 12, 12, 12, 12, 12, 12, 12, 12, 12, 12, 12, 12, 12, 12, 12, 12, 12, 12, 12, 12, 12. 12, 12, 12, and 12. Carol All films for from 12, as they are. For
Age release for Marvel movies?
Hello, Imagines you, you pay attention to the environment and climate protection. Would you completely dispense with some travels? For example, a ride with a large ship, or also fly. Answer with justification would be nice, thank you No, because Choose 4
Would you make exceptions?