Islam critic usually claim that Islam is to blame for Islamism. Colonialism is not the sole cause of the emergence of Islamism, as little as it is responsible for all problems of the decolonized Arab and other Islamic states. However, his essential featu
Does Europe contribute the main debt to the emergence of Islamism and the proble
Have little idea about religion and would like to know more. Can Christians lead a love relationship and then carry out sexual practices before marriage? Please prove with Bible locations ... Islam and Judaism are unless I know. Yes Choose 56% No Choose
To the Christians: Is a relationship and sex before marriage allowed in Christia
EDMUND 10000 people were interviewed. Jan Survey Jerome Insa- Opinion survey: Team Todenhfer is up to 9 percent. Every third, who knows Team Todenhfer, can basically imagine TT. The prestigious opinion research institute INSA has carried out a representa
How do you find that
I always hear from people how much they need sex, and they could not live without a life. And I think that's very strange as a Christian. Because, I have not been redeemed by these desires and feelings. I did not have a penetration for sex. Maybe I want
Do you need sex?
I mean for the men does not even need a justification, he can simply dismiss them. While in Christianity divorce is practically forbidden, even for men. Why is that? And why should a man have 4 women? And why should the woman do not refuse sex? And why s
Why is divorce in Islam simple?
Did the Mala noticed? The people in Germany barely believe in God except naturally we Muslims in German Lkand. why is that? My Muslim opinion must believe in God God has created the earth and people Jason This lies in my opinion, especially because peopl
Why do not so many believe in God in Germany?
Why do women e.g. always pray behind the men, or even have to pray separately from each other? Why can Muslimas miss that? Seyran Ates is, for example, a very liberal believer and has founded an open mosque in Berlin, where everyone can pray together (al
Why are man and woman in Islam not equal?
My mother says I can not celebrate my birthday. She says that the Prophet Mohammed said (Sallahu Aleihi Wa Salam) has said that birthday was unnecessary to celebrate. If he did not say it, it is still pointless to explain it. Bin 12 / Male Victor Look He
How should I persuade my mother to celebrate my birthday?
Salam Aleikum dear siblings and brothers in Islam! My mother told me the headscarf Was.soll I do now if I feel without a go ICG me so naked and make a sin is supposed to make a sin? wear?? And how should I pray at school help because school is until 13:3
Mother Has Headscarf taken away help?
InCels would not actually find this religion well because they can potentially easily get a woman. No, because Choose 61% Yes is well because Choose 39% goes to 0% Jody Who changes his religion to get a partner: a. Very desperate b. If he lives the relig
Is Islam a good answer to the Incelum?
Or converting lately to Islam? I do not know why Brian Maybe because it's just on everyone's lips and thus "chic"? But there are certainly some who really find something in this religion, which does not deliver the others. Maybe only because you do not k
Is it just like this?
Selamn Aleykb I would have a question. Yesterday, my sister and I had a profound discussion Unzuzwar. There was a drum if non-Muslims come directly to hell. I thought that you do not have the right to judge whether a person comes to hell or into the para
Do not Muslims come straight to hell?
I have a question can be sworn in Muslims from the court? Because we do not lie Muslims already if I swear to Koran Lance Of course, Muslims may be sworn in to court. It applies 64 (3) STPO: (3) A witness to use as a member of a religious or commitment t
Swinging in court?
I am the Arab himself and I have been committed in a very strictly religious family. I am 32 years old and studied n the Al-Assad University of Islamic Sciences ... I have always detected Islam, as I had to complain every day as the poor women of our cou
Why do you prefer so many people the Islam?
must (all) Muslims must accept the Sharia, or internalize and live - as required in Islam, or in Islam, non-Islamic systems such as democracy, capitalism, socialism, communism, humanism, etc. can internalize, Live and operate as a state form? Rochelle No
Do Muslims have to accept the Sharia?
OK people actually did not want to ask this question. But it burdens me. And it's about a situation that happened yesterday. So first I am a 24, almost 25 year old man and my family comes from the Arab Emirates and it is so that my father and I had more
My father wants me to marry and say I forgot the culture and honor?
Is it forbidden in Islam when headscarf-carrying Muslim women get good mood through conversations before marriage with foreign men (eg by flirting)? Is there any evidence, or notes from the Koran and or the Hadith ? Jeanne No, to have a good mood is not
Is in Islam good mood Haram?
Hello my dears, Very many Muslims say at school that when you leave Islam and choose another religion, then you will come to hell. Personally, I believe Net to God and faith net that you come to hell when you leave Islam. I just wanted to know your opini
Is that true?
Claudia In Islam, a medical care and thus also a vaccine is permissible. Ayatollah Ali Al-Sistani says (also in terms of COVID-19): According to Sharia, the use of an approved vaccine is prescribed if the likelihood of causing coronavirus infection with
Does Islam permit a vaccine?
I'm Muslim and would like to see how to see Muslims Orlando There are those that I appreciate which I do not clearly come along, which I do not care about, that runs through all religions and nationalities. I do not all talk about a comb, with me it depe
What do you think of Muslims?