Islam critic usually claim that Islam is to blame for Islamism. Colonialism is not the sole cause of the emergence of Islamism, as little as it is responsible for all problems of the decolonized Arab and other Islamic states. However, his essential featu
Does Europe contribute the main debt to the emergence of Islamism and the proble
Debra Seems. At least, if one is ready to call AFD members as Nazis. Lucia Non-Nazis, but people with shelters like the Nazis they had. Robin Nazis not, but I hope that the AFD will find rain convenient Cameron Probably yes, because sufficient fascist lo
Will Nazis be sitting in the German Bundestag after the September choice?
Hello Together Has you always noticed that there is a bitch in almost every book? Mostly she then has two friends who is on their side. What do you mean, why is that? Did you noticed that? Greetings Yes, It has noticed Choose 36% Nah, I not noticed Choos
Did you noticed that in every book is a bitch?
Why was the 68 movement in Germany (the Germany still shaping today) close to the Chinese dictator Mao? It has known China led to the Stone Age. Jonathon That can only be considered, it was a rebellion against the existing establishment. More similaritie
Why was the 68 movement Mao near?
Hello, was there someone who supported the Soviet Union with troops? As far as I know, only the US has supported her with weapons, etc. but not with troops, or is that wrong? Holly The US with weapons, 1943 and 1944 also with bomber associations, but wer
Ally German-Soviet War (1941-1945)?
The thing is from the 1940s or even older. It is a piston fountain pen, the upper end is a rotary wheel over which a piston sucks through a negative pressure the ink in the filler. The cap is labeled on the edge with "14ct rolled gold" (money gold). Belo
Which manufacturer is this fountain pen (picture)?
Yes Choose 74% No Choose 26% Victor I am a column. If you say that there is a sense in nature, you can think you can think. That's a mene penny. On the other hand, the evolution does not allow anyone else, constantly types are adjusted to survive better
Does it exist on earth?
What has it with the stop 2001 ZUTUN? Otis Shortly after 9/11, the "war against terror" was proclaimed. The Taliban supported the terrorists, which the AMIS did not find that great. That's why there was stop this war . Then that happened here . Rose Okay
What exactly is there in Afghanistan?
Yo sometimes I think of why I in DE Live although I could actually live in my home Turkey although we have 2 large houses. But since I'm born here, I feel well in DE. I've been asking myself if Germany could ever get bigger, for example, for example, by
Could Germany become bigger?
Israel has one of the strongest and state-of-the-art armies worldwide and is well equipped and that have several times defeated several Arab nations in wars. The Israelis also have America as a best friend of one of the strongest nations worldwide. In ad
Why are the Palestinians not just doing?
I'll start the beginning: I'm not sure the weapons of World War II is held, but in the 4th World War they will fight with sticks and stones. Suzanne "Learning is experience. Everything else is just information." "Problems can never be solved with the sam
Which famous quotes are spontaneously one of Albert Einstein?
In the documentation about Afghanistan you learn incredible things. In 1969, Kabul is the most modern city of Afghanistan and neighboring countries. Women in short skirts, most no v
Future for women in Afghanistan?
Or should one let it be in advance, since perhaps the people meanwhile also characterically and biologically completely different and acts? How do you see this point? and we have often seen it with the Afghanistan inserts and the overstock of empathy and
Should Whole United States approach the Dictatorial Regime of North Korea, based
Why is the then President of the United States, Ronald Reagon, managed by the Americans? Is it to because he competed the economy and the prosperous growth has arrived at the poorest? Jean Is it because it has boosted the economy and the prosperity must
Why is Ronald Reagan in the US so worshiped?
For a story that plays in the 19th century (: Victoria Choose 50% Elisabeth Choose 26% Klara Choose 24% Jacqueline Comes on the character and history! Victoria looks very nobil and can be found everywhere in Europe. Elisabeth looks very british. Could be
Which name do you like best?
An American intelligence report describes the Syrian opposition as follows: "The Salafists, the Muslim Brotherhood and AQI [Al-Kaeda in Iraq, later Isis] are the driving forces behind the uprising in Syria ... AQI UN assisted the Syrian opposition from t
Why did you always talk about rebels in the Syrian opposition in Western media a
Hello, In the guides, the magnificent rooms are always presented, such as e.g. Princely apartments, fixed room ... which was mainly due to the representation. A lock but exists out of much more rooms. What was housed there? The court? And were these buil
Were only the magnificent rooms in Brockschlösern so precisely equipped?
sick choose 61% A normal person Choose 39% EVA in the detectable psychopathological sense, no. Because Adolf Hitler could not be analyzed according to psychiatric during his lifetime. Nevertheless, a lot is said. Belageable is nothing of it. If you ask m
Was Adolf Hitler mentally ill or a normal person?
Are the Taliban and Iran refine or do you have a good relationship? Can the Taliban be a danger to Iran? Joan Iran and Afghanistan have a common limit, but does not cooperate. Here everyone has to do with themselves and thus they will go out of their way
Taliban and Iran?
Dight-skinned were also a clear hate object? Or only under certain conditions? And if so like many victims have it? Probably not many, since the proportion of dark-skinned was very low or Marcus With the latinos (not black, but brown), Hitler was pretty
Dark-skinned in the Hitler time?