To the women: which these three men would choose? Man A: End of 20, has an average job where he does not deserve much but is sufficient for him because he can handle money well . He looks averaging, he is not ugly, but rather unobtrusively, nothing speci
Which man would you decide?
Have recently found my mum so slips with hole between the legs. Have seen in the Inet that there are those for men and women. Who carries something in everyday life? Al For "Certain hours" I would once ; o) In addition, one applies to this in the red lig
Do you wear open panties in everyday life?
Hey Dear Communtiy ^^ The question is above. Have you already experienced something like that? You wanted to go deeper and lead longer conversations. You really tried. However, this person does not seem to be able to be able to do. It feels like to talk
What do with people who can not maintain reasonable conversation?
Is not about me, but sometimes pure hypothetical: Is it morally reprehensible, a woman only with the clear intention to have data to have one day with her sex and nothing else with her Doing? Does it also go to collect sexual experiences at all and to pr
Is this morally reprehensible?
If I'm sad or someone what told me and then go to my friend, he always cuddles me is normal. But sometimes he pulls his top so that he is upper body freely and takes me into his arm or pulls his pants, or pushes me against his step. I do not mind sweetly
Why does my friend always pull out when I'm sad?
Hey guys, This question is aimed at the girls and women: -) Which of these greens can be found at a man most beautiful Emerald Green Choose 57% Gray Choose 43% Light Green Choose 0% Schilfgreen Choose 0% Julian So if I have never paid attention to a thin
Which green is most beautiful?
Hey guys, I'm currently in the waiting loop for another diagnosis. That takes about 10 months. I also suspect that I have a dysthymia, so a chronic depression. And another addiction disease. Should I called where I'm waiting for a place? What should I do
Dysthyme -died - What to do?
Hey guys, I realize that there are some things that are more important. Like character or technology. Nevertheless, I stipulate this question. This question is only aimed at girls and women. And yes, I know that the average in Germany is between 13 and 1
Do you find that big?
Hey guys, to all who have successfully managed to take off and their desired destination have been reached.- Congratulations What has changed since then? Are you positive? , Open if you talk to others? So what has changed in your charisma? Thank you: -)
What has changed after you have accepted?
Of all the characteristics my husband should have a choose 60% neither choose 20% a polite and respectful man choose 7% a compassionate man choose 7 % A man who knows what he wants Choose 7% a brave man choose 0% a tender and gentle man choose 0% Bridget
(To the girls) What kind of man do you want you?
If feminists want the men do not want to talk about women's problems then it should apply differently or what Angel You mix something. One may talk about everything. You can not prescribe only those affected as you feel. One may e.g. As a woman: A man as
Should women do not talk about men's problems?
Hey guys, I know this question is very superficial. The character is also important to me. Nevertheless, I wanted to ask the women and girls: Do you find the body size or penis size With a man more important and why? Thank you very much! Body Size Choose
What size is more important?
Heyy; D I Mean .. I started relatively late with 14/15 therefore Joa What do you mean? LG Alice
How many years should you start satisfying?
Hello, Imagines you, you pay attention to the environment and climate protection. Would you completely dispense with some travels? For example, a ride with a large ship, or also fly. Answer with justification would be nice, thank you No, because Choose 4
Would you make exceptions?
Yesterday night I knew in the dream that I dream. And then looked up and let him flown Infachbloss. Was about my house. Looked down, slowly flown down again. That was really great, I could do what I wanted. Of course, then I have a bit exaggerated, I ima
Have you ever dreamed?
Hello, my goal is to have no pimples in a month and just have a clearer skin. Especially in the face but also the pimples on the back. What can I do everything? Which cream? Nutrition?, ... Thank you for your tips. Joshua No chips, no sweets, no pizza, n
Better skin in a month?
I personally like it if you can laugh at sex. If everything has to be awfully serious, the turn me off. But I also know some who find it outrageously or inappropriate to laugh at sex. How do you see that? Example situations: Penis eggs around, you do not
Laugh at sex - OK or NOGO?
Social Introvt Extroves at first glance, maintains social contact, enjoying some close friends. But just takes time to "recharge" again alone. So is social, but only for a very limited time before he / she needs rest again. Thinking Intrvert Dating. Spen
Which form of introvert are you?
Good day dear community, I'm interested in the opinion of Oliver Pocher. Do you find him funny and you like him? And what about the look? Attractive or not? Does not Choose it 79% MAKE CHOOSE 21% Irene One knows his name, he is extremely annoying, paying
What do you think of Oli Pocher?
I noticed that people to whom I did not get attracted to do not feel attracted to me and just as vice versa. Sometimes there are some sexual attraction between two people and I wonder if I'm attracted to a person (sexual), whether it is probably due to r
Is a (sexual) attraction usually each other?