Would be interested. No Choose 71% Sleep without pajamas Choose 21% Yes Choose 7% Hugh I did not even iron my suit shirts when I worked ... : D (C) OUCHII ISAAC I basically only sleep Nagger / Naggerd / Naggisch / Naked In this respect, I do not need to
Are you ironing your pajamas?
Hey I met this boy at work. He started flirting bit to flirt. But we did jokes. What I found OK. He was stopping Bissel Touchey, which I found OK. And has just made compliments, (so that I am pretty and have a good figure) but just charming. And somethin
A handsome man has flirted with, can not take it seriously?
To all young people, which is to be your word 2021? https://www.langenscheidt.com/Jugendword-des- year CRINGE CHOOSE 41 % Sheesh Choose 21% Sus Choose 15% Digga / Diggah Choose 9% Low earner CHOOSE 9% Wild / WyLD Choose 3% Accurate Choose 3% Darla It is
What is your youth word 2021?
Servus More and more often like boards show their "ass" or post pictures of themselves in the bikini. I mean you do you, but I wonder what. There is nothing there what they could show. In the end, she only got Hate for that. So why do they do? Do not und
Why give girls with flat breasts?
For me this is a mystery! On the one hand, one can derive themselves by physical basic knowledge that free will not exist In determinism, everything builds on each other - without we influenced it. Would the quantum theory (she seems to deny determinism)
Why do so many believe in the free will?
I live in the big city, but on the outskirts and had previously lived in the center in poet development. Both in the city, as well as on the outskirts, the development is often so that pedestrians run close past living room windows and see it there. The
Does it bother you when neighbors or pedestrians can see in your apartment?
Violence is a solution choose 55% No Violence is no solution Choose 45% Tracey At it, on it, for what when and what you define as violence. Scare a person in order to protect others in front of him, sometimes even to protect man in front of himself appea
Why do you often hear in society / policy that violence is not a solution but wi
I mean for the men does not even need a justification, he can simply dismiss them. While in Christianity divorce is practically forbidden, even for men. Why is that? And why should a man have 4 women? And why should the woman do not refuse sex? And why s
Why is divorce in Islam simple?
There is probably hardly a professional group she is so hated as missionaries, specific Christian missionaries. In many countries, the risk is also great that it is either the prison, attacked, is killed, or executed. Can it be that people have a problem
Why are missionaries hated?
Rather good, I would say ... Choose 45% very changeable Currently ... Choose 36% Rather not good, I would say ... Choose 18% Janet IMGENTHIE I am different every three hours. I'm really in a good mood and time is with deadly boring. Diana Currently right
How are you currently?
In the company there is at least one LGBTQ ++ contact person for all matters. For heterosexuals there is no single contact person. Paulette For heterosexuals there is no single contact person. except the entire works council and each other in HR? It woul
Why are heterosexuals disadvantaged?
Or converting lately to Islam? I do not know why Brian Maybe because it's just on everyone's lips and thus "chic"? But there are certainly some who really find something in this religion, which does not deliver the others. Maybe only because you do not k
Is it just like this?
I have just read an interesting discussion elsewhere elsewhere and would like to put this question in the room. Currently, except for isolated cases, suicides are reported to prevent counterparts. This is actually an observation confirmed by studies that
Should be reported in the media about suicides?
So mentally easy to be strong, wise to process everything yourself? Angelina Maybe it is at least possible to virtually "look out from the outside" ... that could be a possibility. In crises, it is certainly meaningful to get help. If necessary, also pro
What helps to look at moments in life, his phases or circumstances, from differe
I have to introduce a party in PGW, namely the SPD, against my will. And working with two girls, against my will. I thought so that I could build it this way: Someone briefly presents the topics that treat the party. (Introduction) Someone presents their
How can I present an election program?
Not that you hear in you special e.g. recorded No Choose 59% Yes Choose 41% Marlene How to take it. Lovely does not sound. But like that, as canceled with their face, I could prevent escalations in my voice (and my appearance) in conflict situations (on
Do you like your voice?
Hello! I have an understanding issue. One thing in advance: I do not get so deep in matter, so please no insults! But: how can it be that the pockenzufung the disease was completely eradicated and in COVID-19 even with completely vaccinated More about va
Why did the smallpox vaccine eradicated the disease and there are always breakth
Please explain to me, I think that's what I do not think right ?? Example 1: We had biology and I meant that we all descended from the monkey, or 90% of our genes that come equal and the entire class has laughed and portrayed for stupid, even the teacher
Am I stupid or can not think society anymore?
Suppose there were known forms of people, how do you think we would handle it? Would we lock them away? Would we kill her? Would we support you? Eunice We would be ruled by a vampire elite. Immortality has its advantages: Fortune can be accumulated unlim
How do you think were advertised and vampire integrated into society?
This whole social media around Instagram, Tiktok and how they are all called is simply a symbol for these degenerated, superficial, self-conlament and interconnected humanity, which is increasingly experiencing in reality. I feel uncomfortable in this ag
Sometimes I want to go away into another time or another society?