You are invited here to name all topics that are no longer tolerated, tattered, debrowed, or ignored many places. This is to serve as a collective tank for personal experiences, because I want to write an article about it, and also wants to install a few
Free utterance: What can you not talk about?
My father is very sad and annoyed that he can no longer borrow any films. First, the online giants made the video liabages hard and now has politics with their great rules + the persons under us the "new" monopoly prices also support the last in the city
What should this extreme prices?
Headlines such as "Resistance fighters, the militant-Islamist Taliban tried to penetrate the Afghan Province of Panjshir." or "When attacking the radical Islamic Hamas, several civilians were injured ..." or "The controversial policy of the." will not be
How to manipulative are our news?
Why were the raw materials in Afghanistan during Western engagement barely mentioned there. But if spoke about Russia or China and Afghanistan, the raw materials are suddenly brought into the media here. Other languages ​​also the US with the Taliban a
Raw materials in Afghanistan, why now?
It's about this reader bill from the FAZ: Yes. Choose 62% Other answer. Choose 29% No. CHOOSE 10% Estelle Yes, that is definitely authentic. I have only heard yesterday in a radio interview (HR2 - the day) the representation of an Afghanistan expert who
Afghanistan: Does the letters writer right?
Now they have achieved everything in Afghanistan what they wanted. Time to attack the West? O Do you give the Taliban satisfied Afghanistan in power? Shereyl I suppose they are first of all concerns their people to kill and then each other. Remember that
Will the Taliban forging plans for bad terrorist attacks in Europe after the sei
I can not necessarily address the different newspapers or newsters for some reason not necessarily neutral. Best example is the Comment Con Armin Laschet "2015 may not be repeated", which was eroded by some left newspapers as if it were deeply immoral an
Neutral newspapers and media?
Good morning, in the news one hears just a lot about Afghanistan. But I would like to know what exactly happens? Refreshes war? The question is serious. Thank you! LG Timmy The war between the Taliban and the opposing troops has stopped. Now the Taliban,
What happens in Afghanistan there is a war there?
How do you find this statement by CDU Chancellor's Candidate Armin Lashet for Corona Policy (Article here )? Not so good. Choose 67% Good. Choose 33% Trevor Nonsensical. For the moment, it looks like this as if at the end of the pandemic without further
Lester Well, objective would not make a big difference to the current program director. While he seems to have experience with the private television, but now, I say I can be able to adapt very well to the degree of prevailing system. So in so far, no bi
What reactions would be expected in German politics when Vladimir Putin's subsid
The Corona policy of the last one and a half years has divided our company deep. Alone in my private environment, the ghosts divorce whether corona measures are justified or exaggerated and whether vaccinations are necessary or meaningless Whether the pr
I am afraid of the cleavage of our society. Where does that lead?
Have just read a report on Afghanistan and then get that in mind Why exactly the CDU / CSU is not interested in hearing the exact response of the PKGG. Has flar warned weeks ago as with the flood and all have ignored it?
What do you think that the workup is blocked by the CDU / CSU?
I often notice that in the "modern societies" especially in western-embossed countries a kind of opinion suppressing power. Topics may not be discussed more widely and if you have a different opinion you will be excluded immediately and put into the "gru
Why do you have to be feared by the company, if you have a different opinion in
Good day dear community, I'm interested in the opinion of Oliver Pocher. Do you find him funny and you like him? And what about the look? Attractive or not? Does not Choose it 79% MAKE CHOOSE 21% Irene One knows his name, he is extremely annoying, paying
What do you think of Oli Pocher?
Sure, the requirement should be well found by many people and it must be well formulated and justified. But is there anything else beyond? Should one otherwise know the petition, or is it enough to start at If you want to make you know how do
How to start a petition at
So in Afghanistan? Veronica Something between 60000 and 170000
How many Taliban trailers are there?
Would I order something maybe a cup of Claus. Dallas No idea But just download a picture of him somewhere and leave you a cup or . Print in Rossmann / DM Photoservice ... or equal to a chic claus tag tiss
Does Claus Kleber have a merchandis shop?
In Israel, the risk groups are vaccinated against the coronavirus. In addition, 62 percent of the total population received both vaccinations, 67 percent at least one vaccination. Only 400 corona patients are treated on the country's intensive care stati
Government in Israel threatens Lockdown?
Soon measures will be taken to massively exclude unvacaked as possible to participate in public life. Scrambled by politics and media, the sound is also clearly sharper ... insults and the use of political keywords now belong to everyday life. In Switzer
What makes exclusion (Unvaccinated against Corona) from our society?
Hey, I wanted to ask how to get to the LGBTQ, you will find it right that so much in public about it is spoken? My opinion is that all too well spoken. I now see so many at school that run around with rainbow stuff. From me everyone can do what he wants,
What is your opinion on LGBTQ, do you think it's really spoken in public about i