You are invited here to name all topics that are no longer tolerated, tattered, debrowed, or ignored many places. This is to serve as a collective tank for personal experiences, because I want to write an article about it, and also wants to install a few
Free utterance: What can you not talk about?
At the swine flu, there were 2 vaccines of a Baxter, I'm looking for such an impingance. Observed live viruses without any adjuvant. I do not want a tollic fabric with adjuvance, - aluminum connections or other. Is that already in the making? That has ad
Is there a live virus Corona vaccine without adjoyance like Baxter at the swine
Bin 13 Leland Smoking is more dangerous than the vaccine, which increases the risk of severe history. KIM 1. Smoking does not increase the risk of side effects in vaccination 2. However, smoking very well increases the risk of a serious course of infecti
Is it colorful when I vaccinate though I smoke?
I am vaccinated or recovered: yes Choose 65% I am vaccinated or recovered: no choose 18% I'm unvoved: no choose 15% I'm unvoved: Yes Choose 3% Susie I only worried that stupidity does not know any boundaries. The vaccine only helps with the safety distan
The pandemic is currently becoming a pandemic of uncovered. Are you concerned?
Today I am vaccinated with the BionTech / Pfizer vaccine and wanted to ask for your experiences. Would you have strong side effects or none? Guillermo had only some pain in the arm. He was pressure-sensitive (could not sleep on the arm for 3 nights) and
Is the vaccine of BionTech good?
Hello, I would like to know, when you go exactly as vaccinated. If you are z. B. Monday has been vaccinated, then it is then officially valued on Monday after exactly two weeks as vaccinated or only on the next day - so on Tuesday? Thank you for an answe
When is it officially considered a vaccinated?
I find it just terrifying that the state can do something without the population lifting her voice. Apparently, humanity has already learned nothing out of history and that's really sad. I do not find words more. people were bombarded by 24/7 Corona news
What do you think about the vaccination obligation?
The most famous virologist Germany. He often was right with his predictions. Gladly with justification. I find him good choose 55% I find
What do you think about Christian?
Office Choose 55% Home Office Choose 27% Park Choose 18% Mailing Choose 0% Other selection / location ... Choose 0% Caroline My treasure has been working exclusively in the home office for 5 months. And I also work since the corona time and pregnancy or
From where are you working most and preferably?
Hello! I have an understanding issue. One thing in advance: I do not get so deep in matter, so please no insults! But: how can it be that the pockenzufung the disease was completely eradicated and in COVID-19 even with completely vaccinated More about va
Why did the smallpox vaccine eradicated the disease and there are always breakth
Wayne They had only 3 weeks distance It concerns mainly older ones which have a weak immune system and have already been vaccinated in January the protective effect lets After 6 months, especially with BIONTECH Nevertheless, we are very well in front of
Why does not the vaccine against Covid-19 in Israel help anymore?
I need some proof that I'm recovering. However, my father was positive and so we all had to finally have to make a test in quarantine as a family, but we had a positive, but we had nothing to digital there or but only positive on it and no date, etc. Hel
Corona presence proof How to get?
AL Presumably, since the whole crew was vaccinated before Dee Euro: -Corona-100.html Where Ronaldo had Corona himself, maybe he has therefore renounced.
Is Ronaldo vaccinated against Corona?
I do not believe there is no good reason to vaccinate So with this question I mean whether it is not for healthy normal people's good reason not to vaccinate and no children or people who need to take many medications or are allergic thereto or are pregn
Has anyone have good reasons not to vaccinate against Corona?
Gladys The same as people who vaccinate. You have made your decision with the information you had, due to the fears you had etc. pp. If everyone wants to do it, how he considers it right. Could people generally not vaccinate people who are the highest Ha
What do you think of people who do not want to vaccinate against Corona?
Kirk not PCR! Julian Comes on the nasal size. If you have a small, fine nose ... are 5-10 mm i.o. , That does not hurt. They just want to bring only pairs of samples from the nasal mucosal.
How far is the test bodders in the general test put in the nose?
I'm 16 and would like to vaccinate against Corona. Unfortunately, my parents are persistent vaccine and do not want that. May I be vaccinated against your will too? Arlene Yes, from 15./16. Life of life may be legally legally consented in certain medical
Vaccinate against the will of the parents?
Are you that you get 100 € when you can vaccinate No Choose 84% Yes Choose 16% Other choose 0% Austin for a vaccine still to get money on top of that, I find completely wrong. If I donated blood at the DRK, I found the canted roll, the prince role and s
Reward for vaccination Covid 19?
He says that even the inventor of the MNA vaccine deposits. Is that correct at all one can refute this? May No matter what he says. Depending on how old you are you do not need vaccination. Just look in the statistics. 85% of the deceased were over 70, y
A world-famous doctor says one should not be vaccinated against Corona, what sho