Very good! Choose 92% cult - but not my music style! Choose 8% very bad! Choose 0% Vickie An uraltongong, which one often does not hear for years. But if then the first chords sound, you know immediately that i
How do you find the song
Other subject Choose 29% Math Choose 21% History Choose 13% Chemistry Choose 12% Bio Choose 10% English Choose 10% German Choose 6% Harry But I do not like to set a compartment. My favorite subjects were English, biology, music. AstridDerpu Dwayne Sport
What was your favorite subject at school?
Hello everybody, I often read here of children and adolescents any questions of "Crush" this and that. And I (30) think of "Crushed" only "Crushed Iced" for cocktails Being!
When was the word
Archie Duolingo is really good. On quizlet, there are also many vocabulary sets that you can learn and if you are already a bit better in English, you can watch English videos on YouTube, which helped me personally. Tamara Hello, Lubbo! Try it with Duoli
With which app can I learn better (free) English?
Gerald Hello, vocabulary and only to learn for a vocabulary test is little efficient because they can only retrieve them for a short time and can not really apply. Vocabulary should be learned regularly (every day 10 - 15 min) in small portions - Quality
How to learn vocabulary (Spanish)? Which methods gives it to learn a language?
I find English a really nice language and I would like to speak English so well / understand how an American. I look in English all movies and series and therefore understand it pretty well. Not all but a lot. Does anyone have tips especially for pronunc
English speak like an American?
Children often say: "The / who knew me!" LG Bonzo Julie Among adults is "this one" from time to time, a bit jokingly. in a group: This one does not reply to my text. It is also slightly dramatic. Sam would say no. This is more of a German thing. When som
Is there a childlike
On Netflix, there is only the old seasons, so only 3 and 4. Where can I see the current and the free hehe :). ELSIE Look here: LG
Where can I see all seasons Keeping Up With the Kardashians?
Comments like "Google Yes" you can also save .. Thank you Rosemarie Good evening :-) " Maiktchchen" is in English " May Kitten" LG, Good Night ☺️
Like hot maids in English?
I always thought the word DID in English already expresses the sentence in the simple past. If I ask: Did You Lake the Man? Why is the translation then = Have you seen the man? And Not: = Did you see the man? Do you see the man? One would be seen for me
Hello, I am now after the holidays in the 9th grade (Gymnasium, bilingual train) and asked me if it is appropriate in class work or attachments in English to look at why Whom or WHO comes. Previously, I always wrote WHO and that did not matter, but I bel
Should one use Whom in class work?
Hello! Alternatively, an American knows all 50 states of the United States? Greetings! Garry There are such songs to remember. Many Americans are not so carved what the world is concerned outside of their states, but their own will probably get them. My
Does an American know all 50 states?
I'm just learning something English and I'm not sure about the following three tasks, if I have it right, how does it see? Moses 2 and 3 are MMN correct. At the 1 I am a different opinion than the other two answers. Since I find the first answer correct,
English sentences, right sentence structure?
Do you understand in German If someone says my father gave me an Allowance? Is there a German word for this? Max Yes, is just like pocket money or financial subsidy for something.
Do you understand what allowance is in German? Or is a word that is exactly what Julie "There were many rumors about this band, called Queen, that we would separate ourselves, but I can tell you that we will be damned together until we die." And then Go off the song. Jessie I believe he say
Could someone talk about Freddie Mercury please translate my english is not the
Hello! There are classics or even music that nobody knows but who still hears her constantly or says " Oh exactly, I have always heard that early " or " wanted more people to know the song " Here are my: (Yes am looking for new songs for my playlist) Min
Does your English / Korean songs know which you always like to hear?
I have now tuition with a professional teacher, but she means that I am rather mathematically gifted as linguistically. I can already achieve something with practicing, but it will never be mega. Somehow that makes me sad, but I just make the science mor
Is it bad if you can not english?
What does Bii IF You Do not Get Yo Squiggly Diggly Haadass " in German? Flora This is Slang, lowest drawer - and at the end is missing. Maybe something like this is meant: ALDA Wild Nicht Do not take your wackelarsch ... Maybe it has somehow hereby: http
English German translation?
If you do not know what I mean: the average of all notes on your testimony. You can calculate it if you want to assemble all notes and then shares them through the number of notes. For example, I have a 2.3 average and am also satisfied with it. 1, ... C
Which certificate average do you have?
In English I have googled on 2 languages ​​so from English to 2 different languages ​​and at one came crazy out and in German was angry. What is right? Jacqueline Google does not "just like", look into a good dictionary. For example: https://en.pons.
What does