I just stare for the ceiling and start crying immediately. I have a lot of often often. I do not really know where that comes from. Especially at night it is the worst. I can not really believe in words like everything feels in it. It's all empty. Ida Go
Why do I just cry?
I find myself very funny, I would be "I myself" I would just sit rest and talk to anyone, but I want to be like everyone else and "be silent" I would not trust myself because everyone else is annoyed and sour So I go to my comfort zone by imitation by ot
Always do people in / can not I be myself?
Can overmother, or the behavior of helicopter parents, or excessive determination lead to a dependent personality disorder? Ignacio It may be part of it. Rarely, there is only one reason that leads to a disturbance, however, there are various reasons, so
Dependent personality disorder?
Mostly it is not even aware of that, who is then exactly there and what happened all around Ramon Much more interesting would be to experience the reasons for your frequent nervous breakdowns. Darlene If you often get nervous breakdowns, you should striv
Why do you say or say the same with a nervous breakdown?
Depression Choose 86% Social Phobia Choose 14% Mona With social phobia you can not get under people. With depression you can not get out of bed, let alone house. Apart from that one often ends a fatal and the other, normally, not. Jane A social phobia ca
With which these two mental illnesses do you have it harder in life?
Hello Ladies and Gentlemen, Already pretty long 'imaginary friends', is so that there is 'persons' or rather to existence or presence in my head, with whom I talk very often if me It's boring or when I'm sad. Now it is so that I often want to solve probl
Inner conflicts, symbolizing through my hands?
Hey guys, to all who have successfully managed to take off and their desired destination have been reached.- Congratulations What has changed since then? Are you positive? , Open if you talk to others? So what has changed in your charisma? Thank you: -)
What has changed after you have accepted?
Often it is so that if you ask one as it goes, you just say that everything is good, though that is not true in truth. If anyone wants to get rid of something, I always have an open ear for everyone and will not condemn. Laverne It always depends on who
How do you really feel?
._. Ramon Maybe because nothing else does? It's sometimes fun to do what others do not do. At a party, I find on-floor sitting well. Myrtle Because the floor is stable and you have a very stable fit here. for some People are unpleasant, other people feel
Why do I like to sit on the floor?
Hi, My friend told me proudly today how he tortured a person in a game tortured to death because he made a mistake. I totally reacted sensitive to it and told him how afraid that is and that you do not do that! He of course totally shocked and has switch
Too sensitive to the topic?
I w (15) I'm in love with a girl, you too in me. My best friend did not sound so happy when he heard that. (Incidentally, I'm not with her ZSM, she told me that she loves me, I need that I'll take a short time) Many will say JTZ: He loves you No 100% No
Best friend, however, that I get a girlfriend?
I'm very excited about your answers. Also like to contribute personal experiences. But I am therefore about finding a general answer. Before someone contradicts me, I want to explain more precisely. I'm not looking for an answer like "Just make sports, d
What do you really need to get happy and stay?
Even if you did not know that it is violent. Why do you feel attracted to such men? Rita My theory is: Women are looking for self-confident men. Whether the self-confidence is that a man actually does something and is rightly proud, or whether the self-c
If many women experience domestic violence, then the question arises why many wo
Hello! I am Exxxxtrem introverted. I'll tell you my location. I can talk really hard with people. For example, at the cashier, it is extremely difficult for me to talk to the cashiers. At school, I also have extremely fear somehow to be the focus. The pr
What's up with me (I'm mentally ill)?
Jan I believe that is where they do not have that under control But sometimes I talk to me Lester that? ME, Myself & I can not confirm that, we do the more often
Why do self-talks actually have such a bad reputation?
If only wants to ask Yes Choose 77% No Choose 23% Jesse No, never, ... neither after the tod of my parents nor after miscarriage, burglary, relationship, separation, breast cancer, bullying.
Did you ever have suicidal thoughts?
Hi, I've recently recently associated with people connecting their characteristics with their zodiac signs and justifying the properties. But I do not understand why and for me it sounds nonsensical to justify that it stands in the stars. I do not believ
Why do people believe in zodiac signs?
We have been together for around 6 months and somehow it is no longer lately and I'm sure we both are unhappy deep inside. However, we like each other but do not want to torture us, so it would be best if we go to separate ways, so sad that too is. I am
How do I prepare myself on a separation?
Rochelle I interpret a tearness. Human intelligence and at the same time the destruction of our beautiful planet. Definitely great picture, no matter what you interpret. Diane I think your drawing is good, extremely good! I see pain and tearness and deni
How would you interpret my drawing?
I am mentally ill, but work on the problems and decided against a suicide, because I like my father and does not want to do this and the sight when finding in the apartment. If I would not have it anymore, I do not care ... How do you see this attitude /
Mentally ill, decision against suicide?