I mean why donate so many people for animal species. But forget the children in Africa, Brazil, India, etc. Animals also have feelings similar to me, but animals about little ones Children to put or let a child die because you want to save a small rare m
Why are people, animals more important than hungry children in Africa who die ev
Me would be interested in what people are most worried today. or others? (VLT with justification: d) Choose 35% Death Choose 25% phobias (eg before spinning) Choose 15% Uncertain future Choose 10% Existence Antest Choose 10% Social Fears Choose 5% Health
What are your biggest fears?
Wayne They had only 3 weeks distance It concerns mainly older ones which have a weak immune system and have already been vaccinated in January the protective effect lets After 6 months, especially with BIONTECH Nevertheless, we are very well in front of
Why does not the vaccine against Covid-19 in Israel help anymore?
Today was back in a school after a year, the first two hours a math test to test the performance, and directly afterwards 2h teaching with the class, but another girl was new. or the class has been known since Monday. Now I was sitting there, and they bo
New school, should I appeal to you? Is that normal?
Hi I go back to school on Thursday and I'm scared because I have changed a lot and has always been bullied before and now I'm scared What can I do about it LG Mika Nelson (my character and appearance have changed) Jeanne Hm. Proceed as well as to you. If
Fear of school?
OK people actually did not want to ask this question. But it burdens me. And it's about a situation that happened yesterday. So first I am a 24, almost 25 year old man and my family comes from the Arab Emirates and it is so that my father and I had more
My father wants me to marry and say I forgot the culture and honor?
Hi, I have not visited a school since January and today is my first day of school. I'm already tense all day mega and excited, I'm scared that I do not bind there, I do not want to be alone and would like to find my friends there. How do I calm myself? H
Fear before the first day of school?
Hey :) I've lost almost all my friends in recent months, but most of the most of the different reasons, because I have withdrawn because of my depression. In my class, I only have my best friends, but now in quarantine (14 days). I have a social anxiety
What should I do now?
I feel so bad. And I hurt me so much. And I can not find out of this hole anymore. I have only pain In my heart. And no I really do not want any attention only I see no life more. This hole was opened by this world of hell. I do not want anymore sufferin
Do you sometimes hardly have life hopping?
If you have been running and gambled almost for almost a year, but has lost the "social" feeling and fell through stress and burnout into a hole, as well as all friends lost and no self-esteem has more . Am now 18 years old. Will take away this fear, for
Will this fear go away?
BSP is afraid of something, or that is a hurdle for a self. Can everything can be, for example, just fear to go out because you only sashed for several months fear of a date? Fear of first training in a new club Fear of a debtury Fear to go to school bec
What should one do if you're afraid of something?
Sometimes I have a sudden nausea (in the neck) and I mean I have to break right away. For info I am 13 years old. Can the psychic causes have? Because have strong fear to vomit. Harvey can not be.
Sudden nausea?
Hey, I'm 14 years old and will confirm tomorrow. I'm really happy, but I have to present a text about 200 people. I'm really scared of that, especially since I'm going hard in a voice break :( In the samples it ran very badly. My voice is kacked several
Lecture scared?
Hello! My problem is that my father has experienced by my homosexuality. I've been gay for several years, but he never knew that. Mine Sister has spotted off in my absence! Now it's out! I'm so afraid of the reaction that I have not contacted him for day
Father has experienced by my homosexuality?
I always look before I look my eye on the bed and beside the bed. I'm afraid that right in bed is a figure. Or under my bed. And that my mother is dead in the morning. I have already impressed that a hand came out under my bed. How do I get this fear awa
What should I do so that I'm not afraid of?
I feel so funny since puberty started right. So since me hair with the legs, the intimate area and this beard grows on the face. I just hate you so much. My sex organ. Not because "he" is not long enough or something like that. That itches me a Sch ** SS
I hate my body ... What's going on?
Me M 13 After the holidays 8th grade will soon drive on class trip and I have a problem because if you are probably going to take a shower and then you're probably all to take a shower, it is totally unpleasant to take me to shot there because I stop nak
What can I do against it?
My mother had cancer, and now she was to control and those who have seen something so puffing and looked at his stomach and I'm just scared around her .. She's going to the hospital tomorrow, and there will be tomorrow everything controls. I currently ha
Fear for my mother?
Hello everybody, We have been a giant problem with the child for about a year (early 5 years) and it is so that he screams at night and always calls that he is afraid. When this night is in place, then there is harbinger as various sentences he says or s
Child has fear in the dark, but without fear!?