Hello :), I was on such a youth event and there we sat there all in a circle with a caregiver. We talked about hobbies and passions and how important it was to have something like that, so something that fills us so completely. Then everyone should tell
Do you have a passion or a hobby?
Moin a question that interests me very much, I really liked to hear music like that, which also heard the young people in Japan, just out of interest. Would be cool if you write me a few songs musicians from me also playlists from Spotify etc. Would be v
What do the young people listen to music / musicians in Japan?
And why? What would you do there or want to experience again? 1980s. CHOOSE 56% 2000s. Choose 22% 1970s. Choose 11% 1960s. Choose 11% 1990s. Choose 0% 1950s. Choose 0% 1940s. Choose 0% Sean I would not beam there .... "Want to experience something again"
Suppose you could come to the past and then in the past, which of these decades
Whether you are still going to school or are already out of school, does not matter. Yes Choose 58% No Choose 42% ERMA So right not, but I was admitted to school time (10th grade) a bit in love with a young and extremely sympathetic teacher. Although I w
Did you ever have sexual fantasies with a teacher?
Parties like the FDP demand that. Also with justification. No Choose 61% Yes Choose 39% Marco unsafe. On the one hand yes, since we have no longer have any longer, and hopefully do not need more. On the other hand you never know. But I would definitely c
Should the military service from the Basic Law be deleted?
Who do you find at the best of the 6 politicians who need to know their normal? And do you know who you have chosen? I am In some really surprised but in some cases you do not realize much difference. 5 CHOOSE 44% 2 CHOOSE 22% 4 Choose 17% 1 Choose 11% 3
Young politician photos?
I am for the vaccination and wanted to vote. Choose 43% I am young and healthy and therefore do not need vaccination. Choose 14% I do not do anything about authority from me. CHOOSE 14% I suffer from fear, uncertainty and confusion regarding vaccine Choo
Question to the vaccine / or refuser: What are your reasons?
Disregard, to learn, thereby a lack of education choose 45% Outlyerated behavior Choose 32% Consumption Orientation Choose 23% Esther The youth and the lack of experience associated with both (depending on age) to clearly come to grow grown and take resp
What is the biggest problem of youth?
? Always also push deprise until you post one of these activities on Snap / Insta ... AB Since you feel superior / fulfilled. At least that's how it happens. Why is that? Cedric ... Some need that at the age ... why not..Ervats..auf times have been drunk,
Why do adolescents at the age of 16-20 think that the day is fulfilled until you
Yes Choose 72% No Choose 28% Barbara Yes I have happened to me. Since I had a heavy salmoneal poisoning, you have taken water or other drinks, then it came back to the back immediately. The whole thing took two weeks until it was good again. Guadalupe Ja
Have you ever made pants as a teenager or adult?
Good morning love GF users. : 3 The slightly older user here: Would you like to be young or missing something out of the youth? Or are you very satisfied in your age? I am satisfied as it is because: Choose 56% I would like to be young again because: Cho
Would you like to be young again. : D?
85% of my class and smoke Shisha, I think it's not so good but a buddy of me that he had said that he would never make it now makes it now and brings as arguments like "that's just fun ". How is you and is it harmful? (We are 14-15) I find shit choose 73
Avail and Shisha at school?
Residential in the city Choose 50% Too expensive / I take the train Choose 50% Let me pick up from friend Choose 0% Because of the ecology Choose 0% Trevor With the public I come in Berlin much faster, and often the parking lot takes longer than the ride
Why do you have no car?
Currently, the youth word of the year is coordinated. I noticed that there was no youth UN words, ie a juvenile counterpart to waste of the year . For comparison: regarding the choice of this year's Youth Words are the following ten expressions in conver
What is the youth for you> UN
Hello, My teacher is really overwhelmed. Or very sensitive. If it is too loud or when we have addressed you in the geography lessons on climate change and then with tears in my eyes said that you do not want to talk about the topic because you want to st
Teacher is always overwhelmed and cries?
Comparing the personality between a 20-year-old boy, with that of a 50 year old gentlemen, one will quickly realize that the older Lord has a rather colder personality. That should not be a generalization. I'm just afraid that it will do it as well. What
Why are older people mostly so cold?
When are you sure to be in which direction do you want to go in professional life? And what have you opted for? I am interested in too many professions and can not decide Angela You should definitely involve several factors, such as ... interests (fits t
When did you know what you want to do later?
And what is your view of it today? Rather mother / father? Which trigger was there? Yes, I became, ... Choose 59% No I was not, ... Choose 41% Other answer Choose 0% Julie All other than my parents. I have quite a traumata. Excessive in conflicts led for
Did you beat as a child?
Hello, I have noticed more and more often that the Bundeswehr makes more and more advertising, z. As such as these: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0w88y9ueuiy In addition, the Bundeswehr presents its so-called "employer brand" Among other things on the
New Bundeswehr Advertising - Your opinion?