Glass bottles Choose 57% Plastic bottles CHOOSE 43% Madeline actually plastic because easier to wear or on the go. Also does not give everything I like to drink in glass bottles. Would like to buy less plastic ... If there is so automatic in my closer ar
Do you prefer to buy glass bottles or plastic bottles?
When I order at McDonalds I get my food in less than 1 minute at Urger King who always need 10h it means "fast food" "Slow food" I am Burger King fan and rather less McDoof fan ... but What speed does IDT McDoof more and more faster than Burger King King
Why does Burger King Vieeeeel need longer than McDonalds?
Which court you can prepare yourself is your favorite food? Christian Ravioli filled with ricotta / spinach and mushrooms. Dough / filling everything homemade. Greg Chicken sliced ​​with cream sauce and garlic, rice. Alberta Schweinraten with really be
What is your favorite dish (self-cooked)?
You certainly know it if you do not manage your pizza and you want to eat the next day. Do you do that again warm or eat the cold to get? Important train of thought Alex Warm, but not highly heated, because that would destroy the flavors, make something
Pizza eating cold or warm from the day before? :)?
One should build muscles no longer want to make endurance training than 4 times a week? Deanna Hello Ahuan! It's not that easy - but:. Force this combination is ideal for health and complex fitness. Is unfortunately rarely. Then the powerhouse is that th
Do you prefer pizza or fries (ketchup and so similar small extras count with.)?)? Pizza Choose 65% French choose 16% Both Choose 13 % None of which Choose 6% Alicia French fries do not taste me anyway, no matter what sauce or which extra you give me. It
Dear pizza or fries?
Honestly, please, Thank you NE fits Choose 77% Yes a bit harms choose 14% other choose 9% Tommie You have a great figure! It's not about how you look, but if you feel comfortable. Do not make your luck and your self-esteem depends on others. Advertising
Should I remove a little?
Yes Choose 72% from time to choose 22% No Choose 6% Cynthia Difficult question! I am tend to be no! Yakitori is still ok, Tonkatsu and Okonmiyaki also ... Soba I still like not and I can do without Schabu-shabu. Unagi is already borderline, I would prefe
Did you like Japanese food?
Rather good, I would say ... Choose 45% very changeable Currently ... Choose 36% Rather not good, I would say ... Choose 18% Janet IMGENTHIE I am different every three hours. I'm really in a good mood and time is with deadly boring. Diana Currently right
How are you currently?
Hey! I have found a recipe and have all the things except tomato paste at home (unfortunately I can not go shopping until Monday). Can I also use Ketchup instead of the tomato paste or would this make a big difference? Thank you! Alvin I can also use Ket
Can you also use ketchup instead of tomato paste?
When feeding. Alexandra If you only eat from Fast Food, it is unhealthy for your body, but not toxic! If you only feed yourself from Tollkirchen - then you will not be a long time Here, because Toxic! Your question is too general than that you can really
Do we eat toxic stuff every day?
Hey with me was recently carried out a second blood test and the result is not really good. For me it was found that I have high insulin and sugar content. Also, that I have a hormonal fault I do not know how to rule it. How should I feed myself or what
What should I pay attention to in the diet?
Vincent MHH I like a lot of pizzas! e.g. Salami, Magraritha, Funghi, etc. But I like most of the Pizza Magraritha. Even if not Alll is too much on it, she tastes very good. Besides, it is easy to do ... Have a nice evening! Joy Mostly homemade pizza. Pro
Which pizza do you like the most?
Hey, Currently I train after the 3 Split Push-Pull legs. However, I wonder if it is not a bit too little to train every muscle group only once a week. Can I just make it so that I release Monday Push Tuesday Pull Wednesday Legs Thursday free and then the
Which training plan is suitable for me?
I have from Weleda the Iris Face Cream What I always used in the evening do you know that? And the Weleda Tonic are a couple of days, but is not well thinking;) I'm probably irritating to the skin, even more pores arise. What do you use as a really mild
Need a mild care that neither the skin irritates or impurities arise, have big p
So I was recently pulled in my first own apartment. I only have 2 big flat dishes. I have not needed more until now. How many plates do you have? 10 - 20 Tellers Choose 38% 25 - 50 Tellers Choose 38% 5 - 10 Tellers Choose 13% More than 50 plates Choose 1
How many plates do you have in your kitchen cabinets?
So I have pork schnitzel in the fridge for two days. Now I notice that the refrigerator is not really cold. The schnitzel I would make in the pan and completely carefully. Is that ok or should I rather throw away? Leslie Roast & eat I would not anymore.
Throw it away?
Seeking, what tastes more? Italian cuisine Choose 52% German cuisine Choose 23% Both Choose 13% Turkish Kitchen Choose 13% Duane Everything would have to be, not both. Josephine If I have to decide for a permanent, then Italy. Almost everything tastes me
What is better?
or only water? (except for special occasions) No Choose 53% Yes, only still water Choose 42% Yes, only water choose 5% Francis Still is too boring, I am preferably medium, drinking coffee, tea, from time to time nen juice and very, very rare a soft drink
Do you only drink still water?
Orange juice Choose 61% Apple juice Choose 39% MABEL Heyyho Zervuss123 So I find orange juice a lot, much better!
What would you prefer?