One should build muscles no longer want to make endurance training than 4 times a week? Deanna Hello Ahuan! It's not that easy - but:. Force this combination is ideal for health and complex fitness. Is unfortunately rarely. Then the powerhouse is that th
Honestly, please, Thank you NE fits Choose 77% Yes a bit harms choose 14% other choose 9% Tommie You have a great figure! It's not about how you look, but if you feel comfortable. Do not make your luck and your self-esteem depends on others. Advertising
Should I remove a little?
Hey people I have since last night after Judo Training back pain. Cirka above the butt but under the back. I have big problems to get up and stairs to go. Should I go to the doctor or is the morning way? Thank you for all answers Terry That should be the
Back pain What to do?
Next to my sport, I now go for a walk for a walk to come to 10000 steps, that's what your health is what? Julio This brings heart and cycle slightly and stimulates the intestine. From around, you get constipation, movement keeps the intestine active. Thr
I always walk an hour for a walk - does that?
Hey with me was recently carried out a second blood test and the result is not really good. For me it was found that I have high insulin and sugar content. Also, that I have a hormonal fault I do not know how to rule it. How should I feed myself or what
What should I pay attention to in the diet?
Good day, I am a girl 20 years old. I'm 165cm tall and weigh 102 kg.I would definitely ask quite as you find that? Apart from health (I know that it is not so healthy and I just do not want to lose weight.) I just want to know what you think so :) Sonya
How do you find my bodytype?
Hi I wanted to know if your bacon rolls on the stomach Me and my siblings have very little fat on the body (but we are also a very sporty family) I look forward to reply
Do you have bacon rolls?
Hey, Currently I train after the 3 Split Push-Pull legs. However, I wonder if it is not a bit too little to train every muscle group only once a week. Can I just make it so that I release Monday Push Tuesday Pull Wednesday Legs Thursday free and then the
Which training plan is suitable for me?
Yes Choose 52% No Choose 48% Ronald Hi, DJBGZ5! ⚽️ Of course I look at all games that are transferred. The athletes can not be for the machinations of the organizers Make responsible, that would be totally unsportsman. With athletic greetings, renate.
Do you look at the World Cup 22?
Hey, let's take a teacher in sports lessons with the class endurance run and expects every 30 minutes by jogging. But now there are persons who are superache or generally ill, for example, and the rights can not do justice. What about the grading or the
Can a student
Hi I'm Jay 16 years old and I'm dissatisfied with my body I am in 186 big and cradle around the 100kg and would like to change something with the diet is not a big deal for me and I have often tried but often tried but I would like to try Also in the fit
The first time fitness?
Hey people. I am 14 boys to us 1.62 tall. I cradle 52kg and wants to lose weight because I got a little belly fat. I want to go FLT on a six pack and if someone knows what I mean that you look at the arm so n few veins and so. How much can I eat the day
Slimming with 14 boys?
I'm not sure if I'm too thin, normal weight or too fat? M15, 1.66m and 43kg. Can I tell me who? Jonathan You know that you have underweight, and really underweight. You will also see that in comparison to classmates themselves. Try the Rowing rudder and
Too thin, normal, or too thick?
My body fat content is not too high (you see Sixpack), but my face is totally fat and I feel uncomfortable, you would say I should scratch the two, three superfluous kilos or build further muscle as well as possible? (Have since I started training good r
Should I deficit in the calories?
I am 16 years old in a week, I'm 1.78m tall and weighing 63kg. I go to Gym tomorrow and have the goal of getting muscle mass. However, I do not want to create fat. How do I take care of muscle mass, what do I have to eat and when and how often should I t
How should I train / feed me?
Kellie Hello Astao! This is a hunger diet and sustainably leads to more weight. Is also just unhealthy in your age. The fat burning is an operation ever running in the body. The extent always depends on the degree of physical activity and thus from energ
How much kg do I take off when I only eat 1000kcal a day, 30 days?
Hello everybody So I'm a bit stressed because of my weight ... I'm 14 years old (girl). How hard should I be? (I'm about 1.62m) Thank you in advance for all answers Vivian "allowed"? Is there a book somewhere in which stands: girls with 14 and 1.62m may
Weight girl?
As soon as something does not work smoothly in the system, it makes itself noticeable and you feel suboptimal. The more smoother our system works, the more we can enjoy life. We reflect ours. System constantly and try to solve dysbalances as soon as poss
Is man a kind of system?
Hello is that too little food for a 14 year old? (I do not want to give weight and size, however, nothing to my question) I have eaten, for example, today (of course distributed throughout the day and calorie information should also be votes) [] Gnocchi
Is that too little kcal and eat for a 14 year old?
I have to say that it always falls heavier to keep meat for properly. It only meets me only counter-arguments. Ethical-moral, but also ecological, social and health. Two things that are repeatedly expressed to this question are, firstly, the alleged heal
What speaks for the meat food?