Ginger The former Community currency € became a debt union The € states of Italy, Spain, Portugal, Greece and France are de facto state insolvent. The Corona pandemic has the situation of MM-border states for the tourism existentially exacerbated. If y
Why does AfD want to abolish the euro?
Hey, if you would rather choose the AFD or the left? AFD CHOOSE 56% The left choose 44% Joanne Each of which agrees for the AFD here - even as a so-called protest voter, the human resilient SA / SS takes Jargon with Vlkische Speech and the miserable, bil
AfD or the left?
I usually always say, "I do not choose" or "watch" if someone asks me. To the AFD Brotherhood, how does you tell your classmates, colleagues, etc? Oliver Why should not you trust that? If you have good arguments for your choice and you therefore have pro
I do not trust me, someone promise that I choose the AFD?
Which party should be a conservative person who has nothing for the gender and the whole LGBTQ intemination and is for limiting the immigration, but at the same time less corruption, less influence of the lobbyists and a strong welfare state, including a
Which should be a conservative right of the strong welfare state?
Hey, I noticed that as many see the AFD as a smaller evil than the left. Now my question: What are you against Dieinke? Ramon I want to keep my sauer deserved money and do not have to give away it anywhere. The program is completely unrealistic, because
What do you have against the left?
So in the future what do you think which party would make it best? CDU / CSU CHOOSE 34% No choose 34% FDP CHOOSE 15% Green Choose 9% Left Choose 9% SPD CHOOSE 0% Irving According to the upcoming historical electoral defeat (of course, not yet carved in s
Which party would most likely coalize with the AFD in the future?
Which of the mentioned political directions corresponds to your political orientation most? Social Liberal / Left Choose 52% Conservative / Center Choose 24% Right Choose 12% Wirtschaftliberal Choose 3% Socialist / Communist Choose 3% LinksExtrem / antif
Where would you classify yourself politically?
Franklin That's not true. There are all members who are not moving to immediate exit if you know that Nazis will be tolerated in their ranks. But I do not think so much better now. Herman People who are not seriously dealing with what people are standing
I heard the theory, the AfD are all Nazis. Who believes something like that?
Yes Choose 90% No, definitely not choose 5% I only choose against a party so really for a choose 5% Maybe Choose 0% Georgia It has to be something (and that I do not mean that we should continue to right, please do not choose the AFD !!) Change in our co
Want to choose in September?
What is the goal of this party? Unfortunately, I can not understand the scientific bark on the internet. Can someone help me ?? Christina However, there are the only one who denotes a simple and light language as a different point of view. The AFD is bas
What exactly does the AfD do?
One could be rather thinking that only old people choose AfD but is not true at all. Reginald Based on the age groups, the AFD is most successful in the middle vintages of between 35 and 59-year-olds, where they reached a good 15 percent. In the recent (
Why is the AFD popular with young people?
Why is Germany not normal. What is normal for the normal? Julia It is a little stupid. The name of the party expresses that she would be an alternative to normal Germany, but then promote Germany, but normal. This is probably a very special definition of
What does the AfD mean with the slogan: Germany but normal?
SPD CHOOSE 53% CDU / CSU CHOOSE 13% AFD CHOOSE 13% Green Choose 13% FDP Choose 7% Left Choose 0% NPD CHOOSE 0% ELENA Consider that shape is much more popular than the other two and that the SPD is meanwhile lying in the surveys, according to Forsa in the
Which party is most likely to be the chancellor?
I can give this survey results that currently do not believe in the news. A wise man said, "I Just believe the Statistics I Has self-fake ... " Which party will you choose this year? The green choose 24% AfD Choose 18% FDP CHOOSE 18% SPD CHOOSE 15% CSU /
Which party will you choose this year?
Glenda I'm just wondering what this massive flooding with trump's skirt is just a kind of propaganda. Sylvia The AFD may not have a say, Then the trump in which rarely is rarely very rarely at least what good from the mouth in the AFD not Lamar They know
Why does the AfD Trump actually hold for a racist?
That's still there, he is forever away from the window. Geraldine Hi, The comparison lags. A party exists, no matter if you enter elementary successes or not. A selected president usually does not remain so present. This is a comparison that makes little
Why did Trump so much less success than the AFD?
If all were available. Be honest I hope for many votes :) Christian Lindner (FDP) Choose 27% Olaf Scholz (SPD ) Choose 18% Markus Sder (CSU) Choose 18% Alice Weidel (AFD) Choose 15% Annalena Baerbock (Green) Choose 12% Armin Laschet (CDU) Choose 6% Susan
Which chancellor would you choose?
Please lens Chris No. Find out of your side and look at some YouTube videos. Casey You have to weigh. There are both good as well as bad points and above all many different orientations and opinions within the party. Therefore, one can not speak exclusiv
Is the AFD really as bad as you hear?
Did the Berlin AfD politician Georg Pazderski said at Anne wants 2019. No, in no case! Choose 60% Yes, I think so. Choose 40% Percy The AFD shows where German democracy has its weaknesses. We already knew about surveys that about 10% of citizens has raci
Is the AFD the largest democracy project of recent years?