When I order at McDonalds I get my food in less than 1 minute at Urger King who always need 10h it means "fast food" "Slow food" I am Burger King fan and rather less McDoof fan ... but What speed does IDT McDoof more and more faster than Burger King King
Why does Burger King Vieeeeel need longer than McDonalds?
No Choose 60% Yes, was good choose 35% Yes, but was not good choose 5% Rickey My father has eaten a cactus fruit. Was great he said. But after 10 minutes, the pain started extremely many small needles in the pulp. Daniel I would not recommend, almost all
Have you ever eaten cactus?
You certainly know it if you do not manage your pizza and you want to eat the next day. Do you do that again warm or eat the cold to get? Important train of thought Alex Warm, but not highly heated, because that would destroy the flavors, make something
Pizza eating cold or warm from the day before? :)?
Do you prefer pizza or fries (ketchup and so similar small extras count with.)?)? Pizza Choose 65% French choose 16% Both Choose 13 % None of which Choose 6% Alicia French fries do not taste me anyway, no matter what sauce or which extra you give me. It
Dear pizza or fries?
Spontaneous Choose 42% 1x in the week Choose 26% Each day Choose 13% Other response Choose 10% All 2 Weeks Choose 6% 1x per month Choose 3% Cameron My regular shopping I do 1x week where I drive to the farmers market and there with vegetables covering me
How often is your food shopping?
Yes Choose 72% from time to choose 22% No Choose 6% Cynthia Difficult question! I am tend to be no! Yakitori is still ok, Tonkatsu and Okonmiyaki also ... Soba I still like not and I can do without Schabu-shabu. Unagi is already borderline, I would prefe
Did you like Japanese food?
Hey! I have found a recipe and have all the things except tomato paste at home (unfortunately I can not go shopping until Monday). Can I also use Ketchup instead of the tomato paste or would this make a big difference? Thank you! Alvin I can also use Ket
Can you also use ketchup instead of tomato paste?
Hey together, I had a peculiar meeting with a boy last Saturday. We know each other for a long time and understand us well, ultimately we have arranged to eat. When eating he constantly told me how well he finds that I would stand so much and he would st
Strange meeting with boys?
So I have pork schnitzel in the fridge for two days. Now I notice that the refrigerator is not really cold. The schnitzel I would make in the pan and completely carefully. Is that ok or should I rather throw away? Leslie Roast & eat I would not anymore.
Throw it away?
omnivore choose 71% Vegetarian choose 21% Vegan Choose 7% Flexitarier Choose 0% Henrietta but balanced by everything and well assembled Barry but rather little meat Douglas Normal stuff stop
What are you?
Kellie Hello Astao! This is a hunger diet and sustainably leads to more weight. Is also just unhealthy in your age. The fat burning is an operation ever running in the body. The extent always depends on the degree of physical activity and thus from energ
How much kg do I take off when I only eat 1000kcal a day, 30 days?
If you look at our denture, then we have no fangs literally and we have no claws, e.g. Lions. By the way, all of these carnivores have a much shorter intestine than us, so that the meat is digested quickly, and all the ENDE ENZYME in the gut as we. By th
Are people natural herbivores?
Oatmeal with yoghurt and banana 2 apples plums (picked) Blackberries (picked) Handful Datteln 2 fried eggs with multicorn bread salad (pepper, tomato, half cucumber, onion, iceberg salad) 1 kiwi Radishes Rice with peas , Beans and carrots Allen yes too m
Did I eat too much today or is that still in the green area?
Heyy :) I have been a gold hamster since Tuesday and have him from the zoohandlung. They have grabbed the Bunny Hamsterraum expert and vitality Menu Vital. On the Internet, everywhere is that the feed from the zoohandlung is not good for hamster, and sin
Which hamster food is best?
As written above, is the paprika here now edible? Enclosed a picture Amelia Completely normal paprika Julie For me, some peppers look like this. I eat them anyway and I'm not died yet. LG June For me, the peppers do not look bad. You can still eat them.
Paprika (red) green net inside?
I have just eaten three pizzas ... I just feel extremely fat and regret it ... Can I spot it somehow? Steve For what, for, you will surely think of what you have to uplift so. Let that be handed over and take it as a teaching that you are sick is to satu
Can I spot the food again ??
Sweet Choose 46% salty choose 23% Bitter Choose 15% Sauer Choose 8% Umami Choose 8% Howard I know, I'll pity my body differently, but I love the taste of salt and eat it every day, be it so or on alkalical pastry XD Leticia I like almost all cakes / pies
Which taste do you prefer?
Hello, I'm w / 13 and want to feed a healthy. The only problem is that I neither fruit, vegetables (up to potatoes), still fish eat. I do not really notice what is so healthy and I would like to have a few more dishes that I can do that I do not always h
Healthy court suggestions?
Mushrooms Choose 33% Zucchini Choose 30% Spinach Choose 11% Miscellaneous Choose 11% Tomato Choose 7% Broccoli Choose 7% Cucumbers Choose 0% Kari Since many mushrooms do not like: they are probably just prepared wrong, many do the simply totally wrong, t
Which vegetables do not taste?