I find the afd. The AFD Choose 62% The green choose 18% the left choose 15% The CDU / CSU CHOOSE 3% Others Choose 3% The SPD CHOOSE 0% The FDP Choose 0% Dana This is coming now ... When it comes to policies, my opinion is: Green / SPD When it comes to be
What is the worst party in the Bundestag?
Emily Hello Insomnia4u Slave of the time .. Today's person is constantly under pressure .. constantly you have to do something here and there Constantly on rush .. But where remains the rest? People who begin to meditate for the first time quickly - it's
What interprets you in this picture?
Just want to know how well you are in the subject very good, ie 1 choose 41% good, ie 2 choose 33% satisfactory, ie 3 CHOOSE 11% sufficient, ie 4 choose 11% defective, ie 5 choose 4% insufficient, so 6 choose 0% Lisa Tray? So school? Grades? * PFFF ^^ +
How good are you in German?
Minnie I guess most of them want to see themselves confirmed in their decisions. If you then have children yourself, so bad it runs for them, then usually tell only how beautiful it is. If one then is different, the one is attacked. That would be my idea
Why is one designated as a children's hat if you do not want to own?
Hello, was there someone who supported the Soviet Union with troops? As far as I know, only the US has supported her with weapons, etc. but not with troops, or is that wrong? Holly The US with weapons, 1943 and 1944 also with bomber associations, but wer
Ally German-Soviet War (1941-1945)?
Everywhere you hear and read something of genders. Radio, especially social media such as YouTube etc, posters .... really annoying and sounds crazy * C * E * dense But why? Has anyone felt marginalized or why suddenly all talk about it? Kelli Some peopl
Why is the gender suddenly such a big topic?
The green choose 29% AfD Choose 22% SPD CHOOSE 16% FDP CHOOSE 13% The left choose 9% Other choose 7% CDU CHOOSE 4% Brittany A liberal party. I do not know exactly what. But in the liberal direction it will go. Adam The only good party Veronica My electio
The general election is at the door, who is your favorite?
What are your favorite quotes of well-known philosophers / ethicists etc.?Thone are bfw.: "rich man and poor man stood there and saw 'On. And the arms said bleach: I would not be poor, you would not be rich. " - Bertolt Brecht "The most pleased nature of
Your favorite quote of a philosopher?
I mean when I wanted to publish a text. Would you have to use the big sharp S now? I want to make a webcomic and now annoys me, as it does not give in any font that I wanted to use this big "". I do not even know how to do it otherwise. Jody This great s
If I write in uppercase now, I have to use a big
Did you ever be bullied by a teacher? If so, why? Yes, I'm sacrifice. Choose 52% No, I'm not a victim. Choose 41% Other statement / opinion, .. Choose 7% Annie in the vocational school at the specialist teacher. But in the final exam, where another teach
Was she ever bullied by a teacher?
Adjustment of the watch strap? or adaptation of watch strap Marlon Adjusting the watch bracelet. Josefina Adjusting the watch bracelet Steven Adjustment of the watch bracelet. Carlton Adjustment of the watch bracelet Darlene Adjustment of a watchband
How to say it correctly?
The original idea of ​​the gender is that women and persons of the third sex are not marginalized, Tamam? Only here is the question: Why only people? The gender is assumed that the original words such as "teachers", "readers", "participants" etc, but o
Why do we not go any objects?
Dight-skinned were also a clear hate object? Or only under certain conditions? And if so like many victims have it? Probably not many, since the proportion of dark-skinned was very low or Marcus With the latinos (not black, but brown), Hitler was pretty
Dark-skinned in the Hitler time?
I'm looking for fairy tales in which someone gets lost in the fog or Walking through the fog . Unfortunately, I do not notice me; Little Red Riding Hood and Hnsel and Gretel Irrren by the forest, but if I remember quite, there is no fog ... Marion If it
In which fairy tale does someone get lost in the fog?
Other subject Choose 29% Math Choose 21% History Choose 13% Chemistry Choose 12% Bio Choose 10% English Choose 10% German Choose 6% Harry But I do not like to set a compartment. My favorite subjects were English, biology, music. AstridDerpu Dwayne Sport
What was your favorite subject at school?
Hello, I learn German and I do not know what his + on + verb means. Z.B I'm on driving - I drive. I know only that this comes from a dialect and can someone say something more? Shelia "I am on F Ahren" is the often so-called "Rheinische Graphsform". You
What is it?
Good evening together, so I have a very good girlfriend with which I'm not together, if I tell my parents of her, I always do not know which word I should take, because it just lacks the right word. In male friends, you can still say buddies, but buddy d
Why is there a word for female good friends?
Maryann arrives on the gear. In mafious groupings, tribute (protection money) is required, decided what is built in its own territory where and is sold to whom. The criminal the gear is, the crassers are the demands they can place. If it is threatened wi
Which power claims are powered by?
Hello everybody, I often read here of children and adolescents any questions of "Crush" this and that. And I (30) think of "Crushed" only "Crushed Iced" for cocktails Being!
When was the word
??? CHOOSE 67% Backward Choose 22% Flow-like choose 11% Stand Choose 0% Jacquelyn Exactly speaking, there are no times, something is an invention of the people so that the railway tracks could be coordinated worldwide. We were never in the past or future
How is the time running?