Marlene He has allowed her to transfer German tax millions to the United States through Cum & Ex. See 75A4-4031-A9D7-68CA53C839F6 https://s
What does Olaf Scholz have to do with the Warburg Bank?
Consciously formulated, since yes all 3 are not popular. This is a truly emotional & complex topic, so I ask to stay objective and not provoke! Scholz Choose 50% Lashing Choose 29% Baerbock Choose 21% Lindsay I find all three to puke. But the Baerbock wo
Who is the smaller evil for you?
Today 20.10 is transferred to TV. Participants * are Annalena Baerbock, Armin Lashet and Olaf Scholz. Annalena Baerbock (B90 / Green) Choose 46% Olaf Scholz (SPD) Choose 40% Armin Laschet (CDU / CSU) Choose 14% Joanna If enough spectators are sufficient
Who will decide today's Bundestag election triple?
I do not watch the choose 43% Baerbock Choose 18% Scholz Choose 18% Lashing Choose 11% All Bad Choose 11 % All good choose 0% Casey So I like the content of Mrs. Berbock best. Lashing has neither pet soundness nor content for me. Even before, he never co
Which three of the triplet on RTL do you like so far best and why: Lashet, Baerb
Regardless of whether this is really possible. Olaf Scholz Choose 39% Annalena Baerbock Choose 17% Sarah Wagenknecht Choose 17% Alice Weithel Choose 11% Christian Lindner Choose 11% Markus Sder Choose 6% Armin Laschet Choose 0% Warren But unfortunately t
Who should become Chancellor of it?
None of the three is charismatic choose 63% Annalena Baerbock Choose 24% Olaf Scholz Choose 12% Armin Laschet Choose 0% All three are very charismatic choose 0% Nathaniel The one (Scholz) can not remember wirecard meetings and looks like he speaks for 2
Which chancellor candidates do you find the most charismatic?
Mark Sder (CSU) Choose 38% Jrg Meuthen (AFD) Choose 15% Annalena Baerbock (the Greens) Choose 15% Olaf Scholz (SPD ) Choose 15% Christian Lindner (FDP) Choose 8% Armin Laschet (CDU) Choose 8% Robert Habeck (The Greens) Choose 0% Jacqueline None because t
Which chancellor candidates would you choose directly?
Laughter (flood disaster), 2 books (plagiarism allegations), Curriculum vitae, memory loss at the Cum-ex affair and sometimes see what else is coming other opinion Choose 43% Annalena Baerbock Choose 29% Olaf Scholz Choose 21% Armin Laschet Choose 7% Gin
What do you think of which Chancellor's candidate is honest?
Yes Choose 45% Other Opinion Choose 35% No Choose 19% TERI As almost everything is relative, are "the best politicians we have" is not necessarily the direct hit par excellence. Sometimes one wonders if we are indeed nothing Better to offer ... Sonja Eve
Do you think that our new political elite will become worse in the future, such Armin Laschet CDU because ....! Choose 100% Olaf Scholz SPD Weil ...! Choose 0% Annalena Baerbock Green Weil ....! Choose 0% Levi Armin Laschet is very competent and experienced !!?
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