Hello, I want to become gaming youtuberin and I have a few questions about youtube channel What do I have to pay attention to, if I create a channel I have to set a lot? I take on OBS How can I get a good quality What attitude is good? How do I have to m
Gaming Youtuberin?
If you have both, then the tuning that uses it more often and more Without Cable Choose 63% with Cable Choose 38% Floyd I do not like couped rodents, therefore only "mouse" with string. An input device of this type with funk would otherwise be called "ha
Do you have a mouse with cable or without?
With which radiation or what is that will be opened? Hazel arrives at the car. My BMW I open through the mechanical action of the key. =) Angelica radio, infrared, depending on the model Kristie Keys also Ruben Funk. Probably somewhere in the centimeter
Open car?
Hey, I'm 54 with about 20 I made a computer course, then there was the DOS commands. The course had cost me at that time 1000 D Mark. After the course I wanted to buy a computer The offer for this was just over 6000 marks. Insanity! Did you also have sto
To the Ü 50s. Since when do you have a computer?
How much has your PC and your enclosures 2500 € choose 26% 1500 € Choose 24%
How much did your PC cost?
Do you buy FIFA 22? I will buy it, but that will be my last FIFA for the next few years. No Choose 78% Yes Choose 22% Maybe Choose 0% What is it? Choose 0% Kenneth Nope, since the PC version is still the load-gene version, I also play FIFA 17 until the P
Buy FIFA 22?
Which of the consoles is better and why? Nintendo Switch Choose 56% PS5 Choose 22% Xbox Series x Choose 22% Gary For me, for me, the Xbox she is the strongest removing from everything the good compatibility with Windows With me she is game console Media
Which of the consoles is better?
Which Android tablet do you think you are best for the school? It should be fast enough with this nothing charges or starts to jerk. In addition, it should also be possible Netflix or YouTube liquid and to look in Full HD. Also should have LTE Henry Sinc
Which Android tablet for the school?
Hey, How do you find the and knows if that are good? Cost 200. Before I had so 60 euros parts you think I will remember a big difference? Michele Hello, I definitely recommend to the next specialist market (Media Markt, Saturn, or what you want to have o
How do you find these headphones?
Hello, does anyone know why many radio stations on TV Alt_ stands? PS: The transmitters work Marjorie I'm not sure (I have not seen this yet), but it could be that "alternative frequencies" are meant, many channels are to be received on multiple frequenc
Why is many radio stations on the TV Alt_?
We decided to sell our car. It is an old Ford Ka our whole pride! Unfortunately, he does not get a TV anymore, and we do not have the financial resources for the expensive repair! So we have to sell our Willi. The dealer offered us 100 € for him. That's
Should we sell our car?
If I'm sad or someone what told me and then go to my friend, he always cuddles me is normal. But sometimes he pulls his top so that he is upper body freely and takes me into his arm or pulls his pants, or pushes me against his step. I do not mind sweetly
Why does my friend always pull out when I'm sad?
Bin 18 and play with it. Be laughed with my family and friends for it ... Rita Then you are looking for other friends who share your interests, maybe the better families Mary You can play what you want. The switch even has many adult games. Jasmine The f
Is Nintendo playing childish?
On the one hand the science wants to create a superior artificial existence or has it sometimes already, depending on views, and on the other hand become religious people who Believe superior existence and thus created quasi, smiled. Are religion and sci
Science creates an artificial deity?
Hello, I know this question is put in 100 times a day here, but I definitely want to program / codes learn and wonder how I do it best? I came across Codeacademy and have to say I am very convinced of the site. Still there is an alternative to code acade
How do I learn programming?
Hi I would like to buy a PC because I want to start programming and chilling off and then in the Dicsord: Valorant, Minecraft etc to gamble but I do not want to spend a lot of money for it because I do not want to spend a lot of money Just not sophistica
A cheap PC?
Hello, In the guides, the magnificent rooms are always presented, such as e.g. Princely apartments, fixed room ... which was mainly due to the representation. A lock but exists out of much more rooms. What was housed there? The court? And were these buil
Were only the magnificent rooms in Brockschlösern so precisely equipped?
Hello, I read it again and again some people experts are in certain issues that are marked next to the name in contributions. How can you do that? Sandy Hi Anonymous Type776 , Questions about Feed Features are in accordance with the guidelines actually i
How can you become community expert here?
No Choose 76% Yes Choose 24% John We have an EFH with gas heating. should it be necessary, the booth is comfortable in an hour :-) Victoria Partly partly. In the bathroom and in the office yes. The lying on the north side and cool right down. The other r
Do you already have the heating?
What do you use the apps? Notebook, Tablet, HandyComputer? Rickey had Onenote, PDF Reader and Visual Studio on my laptop for the vocational school. Tara Use for work "Citavi", and otherwise Nurn PDF Reader . :)
What apps or programs do you use for school / university / education?