You are invited here to name all topics that are no longer tolerated, tattered, debrowed, or ignored many places. This is to serve as a collective tank for personal experiences, because I want to write an article about it, and also wants to install a few
Free utterance: What can you not talk about?
My sister and I did not vaccinate. I get that still paid by the school, but my sister does not apparently. We had 2 deaths in the family due to the Corona vaccine. A case was confirmed by the doctor. Both died very young and without pre-existing conditio
Are the tests for students chargeable from October?
I am vaccinated or recovered: yes Choose 65% I am vaccinated or recovered: no choose 18% I'm unvoved: no choose 15% I'm unvoved: Yes Choose 3% Susie I only worried that stupidity does not know any boundaries. The vaccine only helps with the safety distan
The pandemic is currently becoming a pandemic of uncovered. Are you concerned?
Twice inoculated choose 54% First of all, choose is 17% Let me vacate choose 15% Booster vaccine Choose 6% The whole thing is on the biscuit choose 6% once vaccinated choose 2% Cross vaccinated choose 0% Nicholas Only so I have the best possible vaccinat
Which Covid-19 vaccination variant is / was important to you?
Gladys The same as people who vaccinate. You have made your decision with the information you had, due to the fears you had etc. pp. If everyone wants to do it, how he considers it right. Could people generally not vaccinate people who are the highest Ha
What do you think of people who do not want to vaccinate against Corona?
The US President had ordered its intelligence services in May to find out within 90 days, which was the true cause of Corona. The 90 days are around. Why do not you hear about the result in the media? Jill still occurs, and first results are already avai
What has actually become the cause of Corona on behalf of President Biden commis
The logical risk benefit balance is affected because ... Choose 56% Other response: ... Choose 31% The necessary information is missing the necessary information about the correct assessment . Choose 13% Known have made negative experiences with vaccinat
Why is the fear of corona vaccine with some greater than the fear of the possibl
Moin, I would like to know what to do on the subject of vaccination. Since her vaccinated? Do you want to vaccinate? Or do you think about it? Write me would be really happy. I would have myself directly vaccinated my parents: ( I Am already (with what)
What do you think about vaccinate?
From Winter to Spring Lockdown? Eunice No. This is also absolutely no solution
Do you think the schools close again as long as last year in autumn / winter?
The Corona policy of the last one and a half years has divided our company deep. Alone in my private environment, the ghosts divorce whether corona measures are justified or exaggerated and whether vaccinations are necessary or meaningless Whether the pr
I am afraid of the cleavage of our society. Where does that lead?
Geuminzte infected well-infected similar contagusingly as unvaccinated /delta-Variante-des-coronavirus-Geampt-infected-ansteckend-wie-ungsumpspte.html Daisy Maybe
When is a test obligation for vaccinated?
That would interest me. Which ambitious zoologically identifying animal lovers, can be da reindeer? But everyone else can write something like that. About Answers is looking forward to Timeoscillator :) Randal It is not a big difference for you. An anima
What do our animals actually think since they see us with masks?
Hello everybody, I have been able to vaccinate since approval of the BionTech vaccine for children and adolescents from the age of 12. My mother is a coroneal realess and therefore that was pretty much Critical. I am 14 years old and can assess the risks
Inspaping without consent?
To those who are vaccinated or projects to vaccinate in the near future. This refers, of course, the corona vaccination! What was the main reason you get vaccinated? Health Protection against death, before heavy course or hospitalization Extra Protection
What was the main reason to vaccinate you?
You have to pay soon for the quick tests if you are not vaccinated, but how is that with geneses? Because we "allowed to" do not vaccinate more or less ... Elijah (So until half a year is over and that's only in December) Rudolph Good question. If you ar
Do you have to pay tests if you are recent?
Because of me choose 75% because of the Community Choose 25% PATSY Since I already belong to the risk group with 60, I think that makes sense. But also to protect my wife who suffers from MS (but that is also vaccinated). And of course, to contain the vi
Why did you have Covid-19 vaccine, it was more because of the community such as
The would really interest me now! It does not have to be a classic "lateral thinker", also no conspiracy theorist - but someone who only rejects the mask obligation - and a abolition is asserved. If so, who? Please vote. No Choose 48% Yes, from my family
Survey: Is there anyone in your circle of acquaintances who reject the mask obli
Unlikely Choose 62% Probably Choose 38% Brooke Some epidemics and pandemics was at least contaminated so far that only occasional infections occur. Viruses and bacteria are not such creatures that can be totally eradicated. They also survive because they
How likely is it that the pandemic will never end?
What the media and politics spread everything to information, which are too incomplete, wrong or exaggerated is in my opinion the biggest problem. Empfolds are then those who really question whether that's the way Really true and not just faith everythin
Media and politics biggest problem with corona?
Many lateral thinkers complain in the social networks that in the near future maybe only with vaccination, test or as a generic public life may be attended. No such would be exclusion! Choose 54% Yes I already find it! CHOOSE 46% Deborah supermarkets No.
Should only vaccinated, negatively tested and recent access to supermarkets, cin