I have two cats like her seen in the pictures. I'd like two Warrior Cats names for you. They are both cats, no hangover, so please only kittenines names. As you look like you see on the pictures. This is the one ... ... and the other. Brendan So you can
What a Warrior Cats name?
Dear people are just thinking if I buy a cat. I have heard of friends one should buy two cats. Because this is better. What did you have for experiences. Greetings Stefan Chad If you want to buy a residential cat, you need a conspecific of your side. Cat
The attitude of cats?
Who has ordered a cat? Megan Ni + HT pays attention to my socks
Have the your cats done before?
My cat is about 3 months old and he scams a bit funny since yesterday. It does not eat much, does not have a motivation more when I try to play with him and he only sleeps almost all day. I do not know what to do I have looked on the internet and it was
What does my cat?
Why does the cat do what she wants, she does what she should not and so on. Why do cats think that they are busy? He also made me the things in the closet :(. Brian This does not look happily: - / Cats do not think that they are the boss, but they think
Why do cats think that they are the boss?
Lynda My heartfelt condolences, I am very sorry for you. An animal is a faithful companion, a family member and the grief and pain are just as deeply, as if Man dies, In any case, you can tell the doctor, he will understand, you know, I am always for the
Cat died .... too weak to go to work tomorrow?
How can I pick up my cat on the sofa? I got a new couch a new couch for whom I really saved for a few weeks ago. A few weeks ago we got a second cat and always plays on the couch, pulls threads out and then plays with the threads . Whenever I hear the co
Cat plays on sofa?
Our neighbor has been on vacation for a week and I have to feed his cat every day. Today I went to the cat. She lay on the sofa. When I wanted to get her, I saw three kittens beside her. They look like right worms. What do I do now?! Michelle Call the ow
What should I do now?
My great Maine Coon is rolling and my biggest desire was always a baby from her !!! But now she is no longer the youngest and I do not know if it would be a risk for the cat if she with the Age (ca9 years) is still covered !!! Gina For a first litter she
Up to what age may Maine Coon cats be covered?
Hello, have been my kitten, Morgana for a week. For two days he scratches himself sometimes (not frequently) on the ear and shakes his head. The whole worried me, tomorrow is already the appointment at the TA. What costs are payable for me (diagnosis, cl
Earwax or ear pylons?
Hey :), When my releasing cat Oskar has come home tonight tonight, much after a short time he hobbles with his foreground. He has also given us several times his paw or "shown". I could not recognize an open wound yet and swollen or twisted his front leg
Why is my cat hobbling?
This is a question to the religious among us, so please leave the pointless comments. I have on my farm a cat from my neighbor and I always go down to spend a little time with him, Unfortunately, but he only comes at night because he does not look at the
Can cats watch spiritual?
My cat (11 weeks) usually eat really much, but since last night he does not want to eat anymore, though he seems hungry. I thought he may not like the food anymore, so I offered him other food. He seems interested, but does not eat. Earlier he has puked
Cat does not eat even though she is hungry?
My little brother (12) "abused" our animals. No, he is not beating her, but he does terrible things. What is he doing? He puffs dog or cat in the face. He burp dog or cat in the face. He pupst dog or cat in the face. He was already bitten slightly. My pa
Help, my brother
Hello I gave at noon at one of my cats in the neck today. Now it's half past 11 in the evening. May I stray them again or let them sleep in bed? You dild to sleep at bed in bed. Is that already dried now? We have no small children and the cats do not sle
Stronghold in cats. When touching again?
What is your opinion a suitable name for a cat? Cecil We currently have seven cats. We are looking for the name only if we know them better. Then everything fits, which fits into your character. Bethany Abby, Minky, Mimi, Mausi, Toffee, Cookie, Emma, ​​
Good cat name?
I was taking a walk with my children today and have heard a cat voice. It was heard bitterly. Searched and found. It was a baby cat in a carton with holes. The cat looks extremely emaciated and unfortunately I can not assess what it has. The question is
Cat found in the box wherever this?
Hi together, My cat is 16 years old, I know she is not young anymore. She has always been healthy and had never had truly serious health problems, probably only the things that come with age. From a distance she could look at me easily, even if I do not
Sudden changing visual weakness in my cat?
Dear people, About 1 week ago I brought 2 cats, which are about 3 months old. Unfortunately, you always have stress diarrhea & make everything dirty at night, because during the day I wipe you before you make everything dirty. That's why I leave you sinc
Cats mowed at night?
Hello everybody! I adopted a baby cat 4 years ago! This was very starved and "neglected"! Actually, I never wanted to have a pet, but when I was contacted and watching these states on the farm, I wanted to offer the semi-acclaimed hangover a new and beau
House Cat Lonely but does not come with other living things! Can you do somethin