Good day com. It is said that it lives better, but is that? LG I can not assess whether I am beautiful Choose 48% other opinion Choose 22% It can be very exhausting his choose 17% Does not affect me, I feel ugly choose 9% It makes everything simple choos
Survey - How does it feel for you to be a nice person?
Hey Dear Communtiy ^^ The question is above. Have you already experienced something like that? You wanted to go deeper and lead longer conversations. You really tried. However, this person does not seem to be able to be able to do. It feels like to talk
What do with people who can not maintain reasonable conversation?
Hello and good evening Do you have something for you for you at home, what you would never give away because it has a high emotional value? It can only be done with yes or no Answers, but it would be nice if you could say what that is and what it means f
Survey - What did you have at home what has a high emotional value for you?
Hey together, I had a peculiar meeting with a boy last Saturday. We know each other for a long time and understand us well, ultimately we have arranged to eat. When eating he constantly told me how well he finds that I would stand so much and he would st
Strange meeting with boys?
A friend of mine was about 13 years with his girlfriend. I turned out in turn, although I even gradually learn the contexts in reverse order (am his best friend ). He and his partner (34) and met at the beginning of 20. At first, it was good, but over th
Man with little self-esteem tries to be an emotionally weak partner to be a stro
My best friend trusted me about years, which he discussed with anyone. Self-doubt, job, personal and relationship problems with the girlfriend. He often asked for advice. Also because of his parents he had the need to pronounce. His parents are rich and
Best friend trusts me everything, puts the relationship with his girlfriend in t
Good evening, A good friend of mine (30) has been a acquaintance for about a three-year year, from which is currently becoming more. The companies together, often call, look at almost every day. I treat him! I know this woman because it is about in our a
Doubts about relationship: envy or warning?
Why is it for me away from Tinder (in bars, clubs, with friends etc) very easy to meet a very pretty woman and more (kissing, sex) than on Tinder? At Tinder I even barely match matches ... Hazel The ratio of men to girls at Tinder is probably 20: 1 On av
Why is it easy away from Tinder?
Donald I think most of the pairs can do without such disruptive hygiene measures. Salvatore If you know each other longer and familiarize each other, you can waive. How many couples have fallen on such a sex practice is hard to say, but certainly is not
Are there many pairs that lick with a licking cloth or cut away condom anus and
Hello I (W / 13) I have been together with my friend (13) for a long time and are quite happy. We have already cuddled together, hands held and kissing is knows my parents and I his. I took him cautiously about what he would think of "more". He s
The first time - just like?
Because I always think what if .. I do too many thoughts .. * Why should it fit? What if It does not fit? What if he leaves me later and only at the moment everything looks so nice with us? What if I dare to hire your own apartment because I have the mot
I just can not lead any relationship?
Of all the characteristics my husband should have a choose 60% neither choose 20% a polite and respectful man choose 7% a compassionate man choose 7 % A man who knows what he wants Choose 7% a brave man choose 0% a tender and gentle man choose 0% Bridget
(To the girls) What kind of man do you want you?
Please Justification / "Details" Cuddle Choose 53% In Arm take Choose 26% Caress Choose 21% Massage Choose 0% Naomi There is nothing better if it's bad. If the person for whom I have deep feelings, takes me into his arm, the world is fine for a brief mom
Question to the women: What is the most beautiful thing that man can do for your
My friend 28 His biggest hobby car tuning he also spends most of the time. I have the same hobby. He said he wants to marry me but now it is still too early because he wants to get his cars finished. If I respond to him or others he annoyed and says we c
Should I doubt our relationship, he is tire for his age?
Hello, I am in a dilemma, my friend and I are 9 months together. We had his own hurdles to master, but have actually mastered it. He is 16 years old, a super great loving person. He just told me on the phone, he has insisted, limited feelings for me, to
My friend has steamed feelings for me, what to do?
Hi, What is a partner for you? About love, security, security, ... etc? other response Choose 46% Love, then love is all choose 31% Security Choose 23% Safety feeling CHOOSE 0% Jody This is someone who stands for one even if you did crap. One where to lo
What is a partner for you?
Butterflies in the stomach, excitement, multiple dates, you get closer ... When do you realize that you are not only in love with the other, but that it is love? Lana You know that sometime by yourself. As a rule, that already takes about 1 year. After 4
When does one realize that in love goes over in love?
Hello, So I just found a mobile phone while walking. Probably from a child. Then I have eaten with a friend and that does not understand me why I'm so stressing and nervous. Because I left shortly after eating and did not directly tidy, but briefly resea
Why does not she understand me?
Hello The following: My friend does not do anything in the household. I understand it when he works normally during the week and then no desire. But he just does nothing at the weekend, he does not even bring the trash out - nothing. I have just a semest
Friend does not do anything in the household?
Hello dear community! Sure, there was already one or the other situation in your life, where you've been familiar with the false and have been disappointed bitter! Therefore, it would be interested if you can forgive your adversary, or if you are segrega
Does your gift have to forgive people who have done a bit bad, or are you more o