Glass bottles Choose 57% Plastic bottles CHOOSE 43% Madeline actually plastic because easier to wear or on the go. Also does not give everything I like to drink in glass bottles. Would like to buy less plastic ... If there is so automatic in my closer ar
Do you prefer to buy glass bottles or plastic bottles?
What are that for things? Why do I see you everywhere? Why are you there? And have we somehow found a new huge and inexhaustible oil source, so you can easily produce such a shit? Wayne Hello Patty22o, These are so-called "Fidget Toys" or called "Pop It"
What is it?
I am supposed to be on a rather lonely island, on which (as well as on all other islands) is stacked very much plastic waste on the beaches. But I'm in the situation that I do not stuff Displaying, ie no garbage bags etc. no way to transport. What would
Burn or leave plastic?
Please take care of the legislative rules and has priority to CHOOSE 48% I am not important to me CHOOSE 29% Thus (mediocre) Choose 10% very important (I am a frequent ktiv in environmental actions) Choose 5% important, but not the most important for me
How important is the topic of environmental protection?
How do you find that the EU is planning to arrive on avoidable disposable sculpture shock images? I find good choose 29% brings full - just like the cigarettes choose 29% terrible idea Choose 15% Joa is ok but not necessary Choose 9% IS I do not care cho
Shock photos plastic?