Hi! I'm bi-sexually and go to the fitness center regularly. There I have already seen enimate guys who I realize real or attractive and would like to get to know better. Only I do not know exactly how I should appeal to someone to talk. Besides, I am unc
How to address other guys in the fitness center as bi-sexual guys?
I'm m / 16 often in the swimming pool. Then I always shower in the communal shower naked and always get a stiff. Do you happen too and how old are you? Terrance Do not worry about a stress, I'm 18, gay and in Ennem Internat where I also got to know my fr
Swimming pool shower?
Gerald Taking the risk is quite high. Nobody will ignore that. Sanctions in any form will definitely exist. With beating you have to calculate at least. Look in the Sharia, which stands there on the topic. That's exactly what will be done with you and yo
Is you killed as a gay vacationer in Iran?
I'm a bit confused and that for years, everyone I ask something else. (Sorry for the quality) May I would say blue gray Candice Blue?
Which eye color is that?
(Me 17) if I want to have sex with my friend for the first time, what do I have to consider? How do I do it right and what positions are appropriate? John Hello! Above all, it is important that you take it slowly. You both should be able to feel comforta
First time with a boy?
(I ask for interest in which people think about it) Jean The outfit would have a background of more in contrast being better fit. In addition, this groove botheres in the ground and generally the picture is photographed diagonally. Otherwise, like others
What do you think if you see the picture?
OK people actually did not want to ask this question. But it burdens me. And it's about a situation that happened yesterday. So first I am a 24, almost 25 year old man and my family comes from the Arab Emirates and it is so that my father and I had more
My father wants me to marry and say I forgot the culture and honor?
Hi, I would like to start with a passive fisting with my friend (am over 18), so no lectures like harmful fisting is please Currently, my Anus creates objects of 4cm diameter. How long does it take to introduce big things to 8cm or 10cm (diameter)? I wou
How long does it take until the anus fisting makes possible?
Hello dear ones! I know this question has been asked thousand times but yes I want to do it again Haha What is your LGBTQIA? Positive, because ... (support it) choose 68% negative, because ... (homophobic) choose 21% neutral (to what extent?) Choose 12%
What about LGBTQIA?
Hello: D In advance: I myself would not call me a Christian, at least I have been extreme doubts in faith for months, but I am still very interested in the world religions and beliefs. I'm not homophobic, but I know that in the Bible homosexuality is a s
How can he say that after the Bible homosexuality is no sin?
Hi people I'm new here and I need your help I already know it's gay but I do not want to be gay I want to stand on women I need help Kristi accept that, even if it is heavy. You will be "so" hopefully will be happy. If you are not in women, then you are
I do not want to be gay?
Today a new student came and he was a boy and I was full of the stiff and actually I stand on women I think I do not want to be gay Patrick To be a gay, much more and only you can answer the question. You can also be both Bi. Ricky Only You can know it.
Am I
I personally would be pretty shocked and would find the law bad. But on a long way, it would matter to me, because it does not affect me. I personally am heterosexual. And I generally do not fight against injustices. In Africa eg starving children and of
What would you actually do when homosexuality is illegal in Germany?
Hello! My problem is that my father has experienced by my homosexuality. I've been gay for several years, but he never knew that. Mine Sister has spotted off in my absence! Now it's out! I'm so afraid of the reaction that I have not contacted him for day
Father has experienced by my homosexuality?
I really feel relatively well with my biological gender. I was born as a girl and that's okay for me. Sometimes I ask, but I'm rather non-binary or gender fluid. I feel like I said relatively well but I often think and for some time I'm not more sciing.
Sex identity, non-binary, gender fluid, cisgender?
With me at the school you stop often "Are you gay or something"? "Ey du Schwer * Chtel!" I do not know a student who is gay, but I do not like it that great. Patrick You can not generalize that. Specifies which, which are popular. However, However, I thi
Why are gays in schools always so unpopular?
God created man and woman, Ergo was the basic idea. If I'm not mistaken you are not positive in the Bible to other than heteros. Mable "LGBTQ people have no place in paradise?" Children had no place in paradise. Adam and Eva were created adult, and the f
Do LGBTQ people have no place in paradise?
So I have been feeling for 1 week that I guys are more attractive than girls I'm gay? Enrique That can only you know. Maybe you're also Bi. LG :) Carl Well, you have to stop asking the question to whatever gender you feel rather attracted. Maybe you'll t
Can it be that I'm gay?
Did that have become a mainstream since the rainbow action? Kerry One should - in my opinion - so understand that all community, no matter what it's all and how big it is, has a symbol that is namely a flag. For example, the Esperanto speakers also have
Since when is there a flag for every sexual orientation?
Would you make something like that or have the VLT. Already done? Please write your age and if you did what you did and how it came. No! Choose 77% I already made more choose 18% I would make choose 5% I have already done but only SB choose 0% Cheryl If
With brother SB / bubbles etc.?