Please with justification Why you find the best ☺️ Vaginal Sex Choose 65% Blowjob Choose 22% Anal Sex Choose 13% Handjob Choose 0% Bert Anal Find I Feelingly Feels but certainly good Blowjob can not do most of them right Handjob is not the speech Out o
What is your guys best?
Do women do something? Allen Some yes somewhere no. Comes on the woman Lynda Because most women have lost them they may be fun. And from fun gets serious and out of such a number you can not get out anymore. You will continue to do that and therefore I f
I had recently had a discussion to mention with a buddy. He says that men who make a lot of training (craft sports) have a bigger penis through the high testosterone emissions than normal os who barely exercise until not yet. What do you say? Is this tru
Have very well trained men a longer penis?
The many girls naked really look like Nice Yes Choose 59% No Choose 41% Marco Only if you have tattos, for me, the glazed grace of the body is disturbed to have a liquid overflowing shape, disturbed by crushing in the surface of your skin. Bright ornamen
Girls do you think so?
Hello, Do you have any problems or inhibitions naked in front of your siblings or parents, or is that no problem for you? Joel In principle, there is no problem with that if someone sees me naked - and within my own little family quite loose with it! Als
Naked in front of the family?
I would be interested if men have just as a problem like women with their sexual part. Women are often uncertain, since they have an "outie" Vulva, there are something with men ?? LG Olga Did you ignore all these questions here? !! Alone here, several qu
Sex parts?
When do you like to masturbate? Steve In the evening Preston If I find an erotic and storylined story that is super described and I can feel as part of this world. Carlton in the evening, but also from time to wake up Tasha Heyy, Most of the evening. But
Masturbation when?
If this is normal that my vagina always hurts in the masturbation so I satisfy myself, for example, for example, with a pen but my vagina then hurts so much and then I always have to make PiPi immediately, I know what that could be i am a girl and 14 yea
Is that normal?
Hey I have a question again I can somehow make sex toys yourself and if yes like? Do you know what to take as a substitute for sex toys? Am Female and 14 Jacquelyn In the drugstore you can easily buy which. Costs between 15 -40 euros. If you are embarras
Can I?
Yes Choose 74% No Choose 26% Sandy I speak for the majority, with it does not have fun, but it would do for my friend because he likes it. Most girls have fun but not all. Lela My experience as a boy is: It's fun. Otherwise it would not have done so many
Does that make girls fun boys get a down?
Do you find that bad when you want to come to orgasm in the shower, I'm not in a relationship and have always to masturbate and to come to orgasm, does not make the watch more often or more Eduardo ... that is one of the sexuality and stands for you to b
Hello community;) I have almost daily in shower, the need for sex and masturbate
Is it an addictive behavior if I do not get up in the middle of them, without having to masturbate? Within the week, I even imagine the alarm clock earlier. Without orgasm, I just have no motivation to get up. Sara Without orgasm, I just have no motivati
Masturbating in the morning?
And no the question is not a troll and I do not want to answer a troll thank you I would know what I could do with my foreskin at SB or so eb no matter or what my girlfriend could do if I have a haha ​​she is a little longer and forms a trunk in style
What can you do with a foreskin?
Hello, in advance. The questions may come over first stupid, but are serious. No, I'm not 13 or too young to understand how to get pregnant. I only need help. If you had dry sex (grate penis on vagina; both have underpants + pants at) and the man comes t
Can you become so pregnant (dry sex, ..)?
I'm a girl and I wanted to masturbate, but the problem is that it really hurts. Is that normal? Conrad is normal, in the beginning it hurt me more often.
Is it normal that it hurts?
Hello! I'm still a virgin and wanted to ask why a vagina tastes when you lick it Vanessa is different and subject to different factors!
What does a vagina taste?
Hello I have 14 / m a question to the girls / women. You know such devices for a vagina where you stop the air and the vagina takes the room. So you pump the air out. Is this for the mastuburbation, so that feels better or use this for yes .... no idea.
Why do you use that?
And will not you get bored at some point? (if your response is more often) Thank you for your answers Meghan Make between 0-4 Daily (depends on Mood from us, although I always believe?) Julius 1-2 times the Week, but it also happened that I had made it l
Hi. How many times the day is you masturbating?
Hello, I have the following problem: My vagina absolutely does not look like the in all porn, that's bad or are that in porn only the ideals and actually does not see any "normal" vagina from Gene I think your vagina is normal, because every vagina looks
Is my vagina normal?
Love female beings, I, female and almost 23 years old, had never an orgasm. So in penetration. I have been sexually active for 6 years and really only clitoralize orgasm. I know that many is the way, yet I have a question: How and what did you do with yo
Women: Orgasm in sex?