Pizza Choose 77% Pommes Choose 15% Chips Choose 8% Erika pizza, best homemade, thin and with 3-4 ingredients on it, not more. Anne Pretty poor, your selection !! None of them, since I prefer vegetables and salads eat. Brendan I can do without the other.
What do you like most of this?
No Choose 60% Yes, was good choose 35% Yes, but was not good choose 5% Rickey My father has eaten a cactus fruit. Was great he said. But after 10 minutes, the pain started extremely many small needles in the pulp. Daniel I would not recommend, almost all
Have you ever eaten cactus?
Beer Nix Choose 75% 0.2 Choose 8% 1 liter choose 8% More than 2 liters of choose 4% Comes on Choose 4% 0.5 CHOOSE 0% 1-2 liters Choose 0% Rebecca Daily not at all, rather twice a week half a liter Irvin Do not drink alcohol daily. Quite rarely a cola bee
How many liters per day does your beer
When feeding. Alexandra If you only eat from Fast Food, it is unhealthy for your body, but not toxic! If you only feed yourself from Tollkirchen - then you will not be a long time Here, because Toxic! Your question is too general than that you can really
Do we eat toxic stuff every day?
I have from Weleda the Iris Face Cream What I always used in the evening do you know that? And the Weleda Tonic are a couple of days, but is not well thinking;) I'm probably irritating to the skin, even more pores arise. What do you use as a really mild
Need a mild care that neither the skin irritates or impurities arise, have big p
McCes Menu Hamburger Royal TS 7,39 €. or from the restaurant Cheeseburger 6.00 there are also without cheese as a hamburger for 5.50. With homemade sauce fries extra small 1.50 homemade / homemade fries. Pommes Means 2.00 fries large 2.50. The prices of
Where would you prefer to eat a Hamburg / Cheeseburger Burger?
Previously, one often went to a restaurant with the family on the weekend. Now nobody can make a restaurant visit. Even for special occasions is cooked and if you then go to eat out, it's "only" a pizza or a kebab. Cary There are all you can eat restaura
Are restaurants only for rich?
Estelle Does not look good, does not seem to be done. Unfortunately, there is always the bad quality offering. The pizzeria here, employed foreign origin from a country The very good kebab can do everything else is inedible. Jerome Good day, The pizza lo
Do you also find that the pizza looked up, she ordered it from a pizzeria?
The vegetables must be available in the German supermarket. Norma Breaded cauliflower Cauliflower Schnitzel Cutting beans with germic ham in cream sauce with basmatine rice Broccoli cream soup Mini-peppers easily fried and fill with herbal cream cheese E
What exciting vegetable dishes are spontaneous?
From .. Stainless Steel Choose 43% Hard Plastic Choose 22% Glass Choose 17% Bamboo Choose 9% Silicone Choose 4% Other Material Choose 4% Paper Choose 0% Felix Well, I have so far only had straws from this material. Or just made of plastic when I drank ou
Which material do you prefer your straws?
No, I do not choose 48% No, but I have choose 26% Yes, and I still do choose 26 % Marlon I mean naturally uncooked - Patty My dad has always blended over too long spaghetti So we broke the home 1x, then rest. For me, I do not do that, I'm already big and
Have you ever broken hard spaghetti?
Do you know that? There are hours in the kitchen, prepares various things, is really trouble ... Yes, and then the food is on the table, the estimated family gathers and ... eat. Nobody says something. - Uhm, how do you taste? - Joah ... - Jo, goes. - Oh
Dear cooks and chefs, do you sometimes lack the appreciation of the family?
As adults to eat myself. Paul Sometimes I already try some food, I want to know how that tastes and if it does the children well. :-) At least I did that when my children were still small and did not have their own children. : -) Constance No, consciousl
Do you buy food that is meant for children?
Hello! I have had a buddy of the ever born has never eaten cheese, burger, pizza and doners. He is now 23 and eats weekly 2 times backfish with spinach 2 times Chickenwings and the rest of the days only noodles with ketchup. He has no interest in trying
Is it funny with 23 have never eaten burgers, pizza and doners?
If you would offer you a glass? No Choose 84% Yes Choose 16% Genevieve With a bit of cocoa or simply with honey make the best. Is waste to tip away! Lecker would also suck you directly from the chest Melvin I do not drink breast milk. Brittany But only i
Would you drink freshly tapped breast milk from another woman?
as scrambled eggs; Choose 35% as fried egg; CHOOSE 27% Other: Choose 19% as a cooking egg (hard cooked); CHOOSE 8% do not eat egg; Choose 5% I do not eat egg because I'm vegan / vegetarian. Choose 3% as a cooking egg (soft cooked); Choose 3% Luz I like s
In what kind do you like any egg?
Yes Choose 69% No Choose 19% I never eat ice choose 13% Lana Normally not. A family I know, it also eats it in winter, so I'll eat away from time to time, if you eat ice cream, but not normally not there. The reason is because I can only really enjoy ice
Do you eat ice in the cold seasons like autumn and winter?
I drink the most: Water Still Choose 48% Other Choose 21% Water Sprdel Choose 18% Juices Choose 9% Cola Choose 3% Energy Drinks Choose 0% Alcoholic beverages Choose 0% Guillermo Coffee Jill but still water often. ADA water medium - mostly.
What do you drink most?
Leberkse Choose 50% meat cheese Choose 45% Other term: Choose 5% Dora meat cheese. I like too super too, but is currently not in it. Lorene but both are meat kakes. SEAN actually "EN Meatks" in the Rural. Grle :)
How do you call this from all the loved dish?