If you are eg. The opinion is the abortion murder, or that a fetus should already be treated as a person, then the circumstances of his creation do not change it. Natalie This is a really good question! I have never understood why suddenly differences ar
Why do many people who are in principle against abortions are exceptions, for ex
Selects something. Am an opponent of the death penalty, but wanted to vote choose 50% Gift injection choose 17% Other method Choose 17% Obids Choose 6% Electricity Choose 6% Press CHOOSE 3% Threading Choose 3% Sergio So I am Gerenerell also against the d
Let's take the death penalty would be able to be completed again in Germany. Wha
Henrietta There is no conspiracy theory but fact that AIPAC is a very powerful lobby in the USA. AIPAC: "Better than any other lobby" "Kosher Nostra" meticulously pursues the AIPAC, an organization of 250 employees and 100,000 members, the tuning behavio
Why do conspiracy theorists say that the US is controlled by Israel?
My father was bubbled and insulted in the tram and then my father responded as aggressively. The two have now shown each other and I am the witness of both sides. I have now received two written witness messages by mail and wants to deny that of my fathe
I'm witnessing both sides of a preliminary investigation?
I usually always say, "I do not choose" or "watch" if someone asks me. To the AFD Brotherhood, how does you tell your classmates, colleagues, etc? Oliver Why should not you trust that? If you have good arguments for your choice and you therefore have pro
I do not trust me, someone promise that I choose the AFD?
Hello, so my social worker told me that the vaccine does not bring anything and that more or equally many vaccinated as unvacaked are in the hospitals. She would also have claimed that all the time intensive beds were mined, so a scarcity prevails and th
Social worker denies corona?
Hi, Corona has dramatically tightened the labor market. Unfortunately, there are not many places I can promote myself right now (including health / family reasons). Brief Additional Information: I would be next month in Alg 2 (Hartz IV) slides because my
Curriculum Vitae - Overqualified for the desired place, can I completely omit li
Hello dear community, My partner is currently under a serious situation. It is in psychiatric treatment, stationary. It's not the first time. During the time she is in treatment, we got a letter in which it is no longer health insured for 10.08.2021 . A
No longer health insurance because employer has changed the employment relations
I want to sell my nude pictures on the internet. Do these additional income have to be taxed? If so, how are you done exactly? If that plays a role: I am a student. Clyde If you depend on the main profession up to, you may be able to achieve up to 410 eu
Do I have to pay tax when I sell nude pictures?
From reaching an incidence of 35 in NRW, the so-called 3-G rule: inner gastronomy, hotels, hairdressers, etc. may only be used when the customers are vaccinated, recovered or tested. I am vaccinated and ask me: How is that controlled? Do I have to show m
Corona: How is the 3G rule controlled?
Hello everybody, Actually, I did not want to ask a question about Corona. But One thing is very busy and about this question , hoping that some people have experiences in this regard and may help me. It's about that one goes Yes, as you all know, can rea
Question about Corona vaccine with e.g. Children's wishes?
CDU: Corruption SPD: No cannabis sharing + More immigration Green: Motorists Dawls + heating costs increase even more + more immigration FDP: Anti-warehouse State AFD: Verichied over Afghan town forces Left: More immigration, Anti Nato, per Russia Althou
I do not support positions of the parties to elect, just not dial?
Since the latest, affected women who have sent male genitals over the Internet without being unsettled, a digital quick display. There are even numerous legal tech organizations like "Dickstint" Now my question is why there is no online side, where you c
Is the manshaming?
Hello, I started a new job (new training) 2 weeks ago. I love it there. This week my school starts the first time and I actually have a seminar (get paid by my new boss, I feel twice as bad ..) And I was so glanced on it ... But now my partner was tested
Is corona quarantine a reason for terminating in the probationary period?
Denmark will end all corona measures on September 11th. A role model for Germany? No, that is too dangerous. Choose 58% Yes, that's a good idea. CHOOSE 43% Terry Maybe you should first be patient before the euphoric outbreak and wait for the consequences
End of Corona Measures: Denmark as a role model?
Remains cool and democratic! Each party has its entitlement! AfD Choose 29% Another party Choose 18% SPD CHOOSE 14% Green Choose 11% FDP CHOOSE 11% Left Choose 11% CDU Choose 7% Kelli Good keyword is Wehn. Wehner. Anne of course the afd.
Who would you choose from the general election?
On the gross salary, the employer has to pay further taxes. Will a worker 2000 net pays the employer 4000 euros. Then trade tax, value added tax for the company are due and much more. But stop that is not enough, because every issue is further taxed. Lan
Why do we work 75% of our time for charges and taxes?
It's all allowed to hurt a person from self-defense, beat hospital ripe or (if I'm not mistaken) even to kill with any means or your own fist. Now that's why a dog does not apply as a living being but as a thing. Now such a situation introduces you: You
Why are a dog damaged?
I personally would be pretty shocked and would find the law bad. But on a long way, it would matter to me, because it does not affect me. I personally am heterosexual. And I generally do not fight against injustices. In Africa eg starving children and of
What would you actually do when homosexuality is illegal in Germany?
Is the employer forcing one to vaccine? It came out a letter where there is one you have to vaccinate or you have to be tested every day and this time is not paid. Espy the employer then wants to distribute warning because the refusal of refusal when you
May the employer forcing a vaccine?