You are invited here to name all topics that are no longer tolerated, tattered, debrowed, or ignored many places. This is to serve as a collective tank for personal experiences, because I want to write an article about it, and also wants to install a few
Free utterance: What can you not talk about?
We kissed and then had a normal contact. Then he blocked me without saying anything. Today he unblocked me and said he would have more interested in others, but then noted that it was a mistake to block me and that he is interested again and wants to con
Would you continue interested in someone who have Ghosted?
So mentally easy to be strong, wise to process everything yourself? Angelina Maybe it is at least possible to virtually "look out from the outside" ... that could be a possibility. In crises, it is certainly meaningful to get help. If necessary, also pro
What helps to look at moments in life, his phases or circumstances, from differe
My best friend trusted me about years, which he discussed with anyone. Self-doubt, job, personal and relationship problems with the girlfriend. He often asked for advice. Also because of his parents he had the need to pronounce. His parents are rich and
Best friend trusts me everything, puts the relationship with his girlfriend in t
Hey guys, to all who have successfully managed to take off and their desired destination have been reached.- Congratulations What has changed since then? Are you positive? , Open if you talk to others? So what has changed in your charisma? Thank you: -)
What has changed after you have accepted?
If several applies or something else, please just click on anything and just write such a justification. I'm generally helpful. Choose 56% I want to continue to give my life experience. Choose 20% I have boredom. Choose 12% Make the exchange with people'
If you help this other people, do you do that, because ...?
Yes. Choose 50% No. Choose 30% Coming on it. Choose 20% Lana Yes, I think you should already draw clear boundaries between partnership and friendship. Happy and may not love to love and that should not be expressed with false symbols. Best friends are ge
Would it bother you if your partner writes your best friend with heart symbols?
such as WhatsApp, Instagram or Snapchat. Yes, I would be very good choose 38% Generally no social media Choose 21% other response Choose 17% Yes, I would, but would be annoyed / bored / other choose 9% I'm not sure choose 6% In no case, that would be bad
Would you endure it without social media?
Hi guys !! I'm looking for online friends. But I do not know how . Does anyone know how? Or does anyone want to become friends? (Bin 14, Female and Look Anime) Please do not recommend Discord can not handle it. Looking forward to every answer :) Kevin He
How do I find friends online?
I already know my work colleagues for a while. In the area where I work, I have been in it for a long time. And yet people only talk to me when I start. But with others they talk too. Only with me no one speaks. A girlfriend of mine talks with me, if I d
Why is not none talking to me if I do not start?
Normal is characterized by the company and partly subjectively felt, I know, of course, yet I would like to know what you think if JMD: Each new acquaintance on the beginning Ang as "perfect" looks at and this childa adopt or Each new acquaintance immedi
Is my behavior
In everyday life and not in the BDSM. If someone gives you orders like: "Do that!" "You should not contradict me!" "Stop the mouth!" "Be quiet!" "Listen!" etc. Do you like that? Why are you, on the other hand, or for that? I female hate Choose 48% I male
Do you like to be committed to it?
Hello, My girlfriend (25) is visiting friends for four days and in the old study city. Yesterday she reported twice a day and not yet today. But also no call or so, but only WhatsApp messages. And only very short. We are together 3 years and live togethe
Girlfriend for 4 days not there and she only answers once a day?
Hall I have been writing for over 2 months with a boy. A month ago I wrote to him that I like him and wants to meet him in reality. His answer "I find you very sympathetic and would be very happy if we meet" But I had the problem that he did not answer b
Cold in the introductory phase?
I see questions from young people who could easily answer their parents, so I ask myself about what Irh can actually talk to your parents and what's not like that, and if it is more of the wanting, why do you want to Not talk to you? (Topics I mean, for
To the teenagers How good can you talk to your parents?
Please explain more detailed. Thank you. Melvin That depends on it. Sometimes it is good or also attached to take back and just keep your mouth and / or just go out with yourself. Sometimes it makes sense to address the thing polite and diplomatically. S
Do you tell people directly, rather through the back door, or are you eating mor
Daniel If that says that's how well you know, whether that is due to reciprocity and if that is not as if it makes sense to communicate accordingly. Amanda Yes, I also find. ; -) Greeting, Earnest
Good answer to
Lucas No, I like to let me talk. Be it from the radio or people. If I'm not interested, I may sink something in thought, but if it's exciting, it's all the better. The only thing that annoys me is when two or three such people want something from me at t
Does your people who talk very long and a lot, annoying?
I'm looking for beautiful books briefly explained in short and simply with small pictures How to get "right" with others, in the contact occurs, etc. Can someone recommend something to me? Marguerite Andrew Matthhews: That's how you make friends The book
Good books on communication and dealing with others?
Me would be interested if there is also user / users who speak Dutch. If so, how well do you speak to your Dutch? Please vote. I understand something Dutch, but it can not speak choose 50% I only speak a little Dutch (basic knowledge) Choose 25% I speak
Survey: Who of you speak Dutch?