Hello, I wanted to know if it is allowed when I transport my shot gun in the sealed weapons suitcase in my travel bag, I would then get problems if I might be checked and then the locked weapon suitcase in my Find travel bag? Patrick The entrance is proh
Transport shotgun weapon on the train with weapons suitcases?
Yes Choose 94% No Choose 6% Maybe Choose 0% Marsha I like Mon Cherie ice cream, with pickled cherry water cherries and thick, dark chocolate pieces. Amber preferably on vacation. Sounds funny, but somehow ice cream like it really only in Italy. Especiall
Did your ice cream?
Yes Choose 69% No Choose 19% I never eat ice choose 13% Lana Normally not. A family I know, it also eats it in winter, so I'll eat away from time to time, if you eat ice cream, but not normally not there. The reason is because I can only really enjoy ice
Do you eat ice in the cold seasons like autumn and winter?
Other choose 35% Straciatella Choose 20% Vanilla Choose 15% Chocolate Choose 10% Cookies Choose 10% Strawberry Choose 5% Pistachio Choose 5% Inez Vanilla may be a very controversial variety. But in fact it does not taste nothing: D Marilyn briefly If it
What is your favorite ice cream variety?
I have the car 23 and 36 space, but I'm on a place 36, but there is another reservation than my over it for a stop. On top of this screen strikingly, cars is 24. But before the train I was told that I should in the direction here. It The train is numbere
Is there any place number in the complete train only once?
Hi, With us each pair of days comes over such an ice truck and then sells soft ice cream and finish as slide fingers etc .... Does your ice buys your ice cream or not ? :) I find somehow that the there is a bit of love, because they make their own ice ..
Does your ice buys from the ice cream?
Melanie Definitely Coconut IIS Absolutely delicious. I could do it in bulk! :) Vanilla ice cream tastes very good Eduardo Depending on the mood hazelnut / walnut, or lemon Martha Saffron and pistachio ice cream
What is your favorite ice cream sort?
Other Choose 28% Lemon Choose 22% Chocolate Choose 19% Nut Choose 16% Yogurt Choose 9% Strawberry Choose 3% Vanilla Choose 3% Damon Coffee and dark chocolate are too violent for me. Although I may rather like the strikes like Schoki and Nut, but not sooo
Which ice cream do not like?
Hello, After I had eaten an ice from Mc Donalds, I had bad cramps and stinging pain in the stomach or: she still knows what the pain could have triggered / what I should now do / can / can? LG Sam may be that the ice was not good or the machine has not b
Belly cramps after ice?
I find strawberry tastes best and chocolate tastes not yet. Which row tastes best? Chocolate Choose 38% Strawberry Choose 31% Vanilla Choose 31% Dwight I like the thing in the ding best strawberry, because it fits good for summer and something interestin
Which row tastes best in the ice?
Chocolate, Nut, Bacio, Coffee Choose 42% Lemon, Strawberry, Raspberry, Forest fruits, Mango Choose 33% Yogurt, Stracciatella, Banana, Vanilla Choose 25% Judy Come on the day when I'm hungry, I always take so chocolate things when I thirsty is more and mo
Which is your favorite eggs?
Hello I'm 14 and would like to order something from Eis.de. However, I do not want to see my parents deducted from there any of my account And that's why I would like to pay with ice cream with a voucher Can you have a voucher for ice cream Buy in a shop
Pay at ice.de with voucher?
It is definitely very simple but how is an ICE at the destination when you do not turn it? Christina do not "direct" means that he drives tracking. But "controlled" he will nevertheless, so accelerate, brakes. Addition: That is already "directed". Car se
How is an ICE at the destination?
MAGNUM CHOOSE 54% CORNETTO CHOOSE 15% Capri Choose 15% Bum Bum Choose 15% ED by Schleck Choose 0% Domino Choose 0% Sandwich Choose 0% Kari Yummy
Which handias may you (survey)?
Chocolate, Straziatella or Cookie Choose 38% My variety ... Choose 24% Lime, Lemon, Head of Sauer Choose 19% Yogurt, Vanilla, Coconut or Amarena Choose 8% Smartie, Child Chocolate, Bountie Choose 8% Pistachio, Coffee, Choose 3% Obsteis Choose 0% Carlton
Which ice would you choose?
In summer it can be quite warm, which is why many people eat ice cream, as it is refreshing, cooling and tasting delicious. Which taste is the most? other choose 63% Shockolade ice cream Choose 13% Stracciatellais choose 13% Lemon Choose 8% vanilla ice c
What is your favorite ice cream?
Hi, favorite eggs? Others still? (Which) Choose 67% Chocolate Choose 19% Straciettella Choose 10% Smurf Choose 5% Strawberry Choose 0% Raspberry Choose 0% Jana Heyyho Lunaaaaaaaaaaaa My absolute favorite sessions is Schokoisi
Favorite sessions?
Other choose 68% Chocolate Choose 14% Vanilla Choose 9% Mango Choose 5% Lemon Choose 5% Apple Choose 0% Pistachio Choose 0% Randall Sometimes chocolate, sometimes lemon, sometimes apple Bertha and at equal place hazelnut :) Bernadette Spekulatius and Lic
What is your favorite eggs?
The 20 degrees choose 67% around the 30 degrees choose 33% by 10 degrees choose 0% by the 40 degrees choose 0% around the 50 degrees choose 0% under 0 degrees Choose 0% over 60 degrees choose 0% Alicia I eat ice whenever I feel like it, and it does not m
What temperature is the best to eat ice?
If so, which and why? No Choose 60% Yes, Bahncard 50 Choose 27% Yes, BahnCard 25 Choose 13% Yes, Bahncard 100 Choose 0% Jenny I had one, even 1st class - I thought, if already, because already. I hoped to drive less with the car, but ultimately used it o
Do you have a Bahncard?