We kissed and then had a normal contact. Then he blocked me without saying anything. Today he unblocked me and said he would have more interested in others, but then noted that it was a mistake to block me and that he is interested again and wants to con
Would you continue interested in someone who have Ghosted?
Have a date tomorrow, but what if you somehow have nothing to say. What would you do in such a situation? Eric If I had nothing to say, everything was discussed and I started with the "handicaries"; -) Seriously: You still have enough time to get you Alt
First date - no conversation topic?
Is not about me, but sometimes pure hypothetical: Is it morally reprehensible, a woman only with the clear intention to have data to have one day with her sex and nothing else with her Doing? Does it also go to collect sexual experiences at all and to pr
Is this morally reprehensible?
Hello, a page wanted to take out where you can chat for free with women, for sex. Is there such a page where you meet without costs for sex? Rudy You can try www.quoka.de Danielle There are housewives offering free sex But are usually not so great, and o
Dates without money?
Why is it for me away from Tinder (in bars, clubs, with friends etc) very easy to meet a very pretty woman and more (kissing, sex) than on Tinder? At Tinder I even barely match matches ... Hazel The ratio of men to girls at Tinder is probably 20: 1 On av
Why is it easy away from Tinder?
Hello. I w / 19 had last Saturday with M / 22 a date in the cinema. We did not know each other. During the movie he took my hand someday and when we drove back he had his hand on my leg in the car. We went a bit of a walk at the sunset. Since he also hel
Was it well?
Because I always think what if .. I do too many thoughts .. * Why should it fit? What if It does not fit? What if he leaves me later and only at the moment everything looks so nice with us? What if I dare to hire your own apartment because I have the mot
I just can not lead any relationship?
Hey Bin M 19 and you W19 know us for 6 years, but had no contact in the last 2 years. Short info: We have already met Casual once once (city / food / clothes). In any case, I fished that the meeting ran well, she also meant that she thought it was nice.
What are my cards with her?
Does it have a meaning? Or how do you see it? Andre This may have a significance that it finds you attractive. For now, do not worry about hope for the time being. VG Ginger Well, sex is not unusual at the first date! ^^ + GG Main thing you had a nice ti
At 1 date kissing and holding hands?
Hey :) Yes, I (23) I got to know a girl (20) last week. She is a girlfriend of the girlfriend of my best friend and we have just made something in the group. We have really understood well and the Vibes have - in my opinion - fit and we also said so loos
I always feel really lost when it comes to girls?
I get up in the morning and I'm already thinking right on the rum .. I think the whole day, it annoys me that I can switch off Ned !! Does anyone have good tips who help me to lose the mind, and to feel more? Just make faxing without thinking big about i
What can I do to turn off?
Hello dear ones. I have a date today and wanted to dress my favorite dress. The dress is long, but has a neckline (as in the picture) you say it's too blatant or I could stepped for the second date? PS. I'm not in the picture: D Jan depends on what he sh
Excerpt at the second date?
I have been learning someone intensively online for over half a year, yesterday we had our first date and I've learned in retrospect that he has sex on parties with other girls. Since we are not exclusive data, it was rummarded at parties with any girl f
Sex at parties level?
I really swore that I approach a next potential relationship differently like us. I'm a total head of head and I think much too much about everything. I'm doing too much pressure, I want it all to be perfect. He would like to like him. What if I do not l
Am I to Unlocker and make me too much pressure before the date?
Moin, Do you find that reprehensible if you have sex during an introductory phase (no friendly knowledge but really data) has been sex with other people? Although it is not yet officially together But I never tell it about whether one is officially toget
Sex with other persons during the introductory phase (dating)?
All fun birds do not need to answer, I would like to have serious answers !! I can not let anyone about me and do not want to love anymore Since my ex has hurt me a few years ago and the hurt is still deep. She had played with my trust and made life diff
Trauma be in love for years?
Heyy! I'm almost 13 and writing for 2 months about a boy, I know him from my class and I think him also sweet and totally nice and so ... I somehow hope he's all the time he confesses me that he admits me More than just like, or invites me to a meeting .
Will he ask me for a date? And am I ready?
Day together, I am soon in mid 20 and still virgin. I have never had a real relationship before. Although I have already undertaken with women and that without sex and kissing, because I am religious and with me guided sex does not matter even if I would
Where can I get to know a woman for a serious relationship / marriage?
How do you actually develop the situation that it comes to the first kiss? Is it something that leads through emotional blind or something where you have to take all the courage to take the step? Audrey Hey So with me it was so with my first kiss I have
How come to the first kiss?
Unfortunately I am only on a lot of older men and where can you get to know what? Francisco in the supermarket, on the gas station, in the park while jogging, in the gym, in the men's clothing store. Kurt Wherever you want. Most success is there, where m
How and where can you get to know older men?