I've recently seen such a shield where employees were looking for and there was that. Does the diverse mean and is based on non-binary's or SO ELBERT M ONLUM / W Einich / D IVERS SAM Divers ! Whoever does not understand that with m / w all people are mea
What does (m / w / d) mean?
In advance: I do not want to attack anyone with the question or so. If it is misunderstood in any way with suffering. To my above question: Is there a name when you want data as a CIS woman or non-binary person and only CIS women, do not speak transducer
How do you call that (sexuality)?
I'm a bit confused and that for years, everyone I ask something else. (Sorry for the quality) May I would say blue gray Candice Blue?
Which eye color is that?
Since the latest, affected women who have sent male genitals over the Internet without being unsettled, a digital quick display. There are even numerous legal tech organizations like "Dickstint" Now my question is why there is no online side, where you c
Is the manshaming?
I know that sounds stupid but is there a way to become cisgender again? Somehow a therapy or something? (I'm trans and yeah, I have pretty stress because of that and I feel bad to my parents and my friends because they are angry with that) Marilyn If you
Can you get cisgender again?
Hello dear ones! I know this question has been asked thousand times but yes I want to do it again Haha What is your LGBTQIA? Positive, because ... (support it) choose 68% negative, because ... (homophobic) choose 21% neutral (to what extent?) Choose 12%
What about LGBTQIA?
Can I well imagine that then the eternal pressure of the shoot is no longer there, you do not have the pressure to work and do not be afraid to fail in bed to give too little sex, etc. That must be wonderful. Dixie This is probably due to the individual
Does it live as an asexual better and more peaceful?
So right to the point I'm probably non-binary and recent I was in a holiday week and when I was back home, of course I told something. Then crest it to the point where I felt a few boys Fun Halbert and I'm fun blah bla bla a little later I still told tha
How do I explain my parents that I am non-binary?
This is Peter Montgomery Buttigieg No matter, the main performance Choose 72% Irrelevant What for a direction He has Choose 13% Other choose 5% Would be time choose 4% LGBT Hype again Choose 4% Hopefully not Choose 3% Doreen The sexuality does not make a
Do you think it's time for the first open to homosexual president?
God created man and woman, Ergo was the basic idea. If I'm not mistaken you are not positive in the Bible to other than heteros. Mable "LGBTQ people have no place in paradise?" Children had no place in paradise. Adam and Eva were created adult, and the f
Do LGBTQ people have no place in paradise?
Hello, I would like to get the opinion of an objective view on this way. The following text does not have to be read but I'll tell something about the history to better understand the topic. Short to me: I am 19 and now for 5 years as a woman-to-man tran
Opinious family opinion?
With justification please :) (Religion is no justification) Accept and support it Choose 36% Okay I accept it Choose 34% Do not want anything? Choose has 23% in no case Choose 6% Helen Acceptance and Support belong together, even if some denounce that. S
Opinion of LGBTQ +? How do you think?
Hey! I would like to start watching animes. I have never looked animes (not even Pokmon!) And do not know me accordingly at all. At Genres, I am relatively open, but I already find action. I would then "carry out" xD, I also think animes with LGBTQ chara
Animes for
Where does the character on one side have red and on the other white hair? And if I start with animes, you could recommend me or another? Juana I would like to recommend a few animes of pair categories Love Drama: A Silent Voice ~ Shouya Ishida is the cl
What is the name of the anime?
Hetero Choose 46% Bisexual Choose 38% Other Choose 13% Gay Choose 4% Lesbian Choose 0% ASEXUAL CHOOSE 0% PANSEXUAL CHOOSE 0% Blanche Actually hetero but some I would also think I think. Frank Am Male and 17
What do you have for a sexuality?
Hi I'm Tobias and am currently 20 years old. I am biologically seen male, I just do not feel right and well with my appearance. This is a slightly bigger topic actually only since a year, from time when I found a probable name for my given dissatisfactio
Finding phase transsexuality, who is my contact person?
Media Report: Although one comes to jail for gay sex in Gaza, a queere party row feels the "Palestinian liberation" - and finishes cooperation with a Techno Club who stands to Israel. [...] In the Gaza Strip, same-sex sex can be punished between men with
How can it be that sometimes is a homosexual Pro Palestine?
I had a discussion with a Non Binary (Hi Dear, I know that you will see the question), which meant that the new definition of lesbian is that you just do not feel attracted to men, but But to women, non-binarys and simply all that is not male is the defi
What do you think?
What exactly does some people persist here on questions about LGBTQ +? is good, if someone wants to know more about it or is just about finding themselves and therefore asked them. Hazel Some users who vitement vehement against LGBTQ have themselves have
LGBTQ + questions?