So mentally easy to be strong, wise to process everything yourself? Angelina Maybe it is at least possible to virtually "look out from the outside" ... that could be a possibility. In crises, it is certainly meaningful to get help. If necessary, also pro
What helps to look at moments in life, his phases or circumstances, from differe
What would you have to study to become geostrategists and analyst? The tasks should be to analyze and predict the future consequences of geopolitical actions of the economy, finance, military, politics, intelligence services, etc. . Salvador There is no
How can you become geostrategists and analyst?
I have already looked at the internet, but could only understand little things. Can someone explain to me, so that it would understand a 10 stalemate? Lawrence Hello Lila1112, A Hilbertraum is a complete scalar product space. To explain what is , I have
What is a Hilbertum and an Euclidean room?
I'm more concerned with mathematics than the politicization of Corona, but I've had the following thoughts: The Bavarian incidence among the vaccases is currently 9.2 (from 100,000) Among the uncovered at 110.5. Of 1000 vaccinated, 999,908 were core heal
Do the incidence figures manipulate us or have mistakes in my calculations?
Which technical term do you really like? Be it because he is well chosen to describe a concept, be it because he is particularly important for you or your work, or be it because he is a particularly beautiful word creation. He does not necessarily have t
Which term term do you like very well?
1/3/4/5/5 + / - / • /: = 7 Hello ... I have a mystery here ... Nobody I Know it has got it out so far ... I have to use the above numbers (1,3,4,5,5) all, however, you can and would have to use them everyone only once. The above-mentioned compensation (
MATERSEL ... Can someone solve?
Countless German students hate the mathematics, refer to as unnecessary, and turn them off in the 6th grade of them, which floods the universities of mathematical uneduces and later become social assistance recipients. Can you still stop this catalystica
Is Germany before the mathematical Apocalypse?
Does anyone know the solution for these puzzles? Explanation with Rechweg would be nice IRIS Another idea would be 4 + 4 - (1) = 7 7 + 7 - (4 + 1) = 9 8 + 8 - (7 + 4 + 1) = 4 That would not include the 3 of the first equation. Blake 10 My logic: 1 -> 4 -
Math problem?
Hey I would have chosen Math LK it would change it to history because I have hardly understood something in the first hours. But do the employers, etc, actually actually pay attention to the LKS? And have you a big influence? I know that you should choos
Is Mathe LK very important to the future?
Or what is the reason you are on a good question? Other reason Choose 53% I want to help other people Choose 40% I would like to know community expert Becoming Choose 5% I want to get to know people Choose 3% I need help / ask choose 0% I want to achieve
Why are you good question / what is your goal?
Hello, I've been together with my girlfriend for just over a year and I think of her every few minutes and I feel her "presence" quasi constantly in me, although I can only see her every few days. How are you? How often do you think of your dearest? Shaw
How often in an hour do you think of your partner?
Hello! I will not comment on 1.5.0, 1.5.1 and 1.5.2. Can someone explain how that works? Goods with computing way :) Thank you! Marjorie 1.5.1) You have the two equations: vertical shot up from 2m: H = -0, 5GT ^ 2 + VO * T + HO (G is positive, since a mi
Need help in physics (vertical litter)?
I was in Lidl today and have bought drinks. As you may recognize on the Bon, I was quite a lot of empties. The saleswoman paid me the final amount and I put it with the bon in an extra stock exchange compartment. Again in the office, that happened to me
Where is my mistake?
or. The natural logarithm from this product: From see, I can only say that it is near the geometric series 1 / (2 ^ K), with starting point 2 must, ie about 0.5 How do I get to the exact value, can this, presumably irrational number be exact, in other wa
Convergence of this piece of jewelry?
As is known, four-leaved shamrocks bring luck. Unfortunately, one finds only extremely rarely one. But every one of you will certainly have found someday one, right? Suppose 1 million shamrocks. How many of them are you would be four-leaved? Maybe we get
How many shamrocks are four-leaved?
Clayton War there is only if someone has something worthwhile without having to spend too much. This is excluded nowadays. If you look why the last two world wars were led, this would be unthinkable today. Hope You can not do that, because you would not
What is the likelihood of today's children and adolescents experience a world wa
Randy The front point has the height 0 (x / y / 0), the rear the height 3 (X / Y / 3) Therefore, B of A may differ only in the Y coordinate: B (0/4/0) . This can also determine D in comparison with K: Difference not in height, but in the X and Y coordina
Can someone tell me how to go for task a?
I just do not come to the correct solution path. There are 100 biscuits and these are to be divided into 100 people. Each child gets 1/3 of a biscuit. Every adult person gets 3 biscuits. How many children / adults are there? Lora Well, if I did not charg
Can someone help me with this puzzle?
Do you have some who are not so easy, but first without a solution. Krista An example from my collection. Everyone knows the phrase of Pythagoras, but ... My job is located on the northwest corner of a rectangular park. There is a fountain in the park, w
Puzzle tasks?
Mathematics is the most beautiful science, as it is so wonderfully structured, e.g. Statements either true or wrong and she is so elegant, see various evidence paths. Do you agree with me? What is more beautiful than mathematics? Mathematics is Nice choo
How nice is the mathematics?